December 9, 2015 – Tedium

It is amazing how tedious writing can be.  Well, not exactly the writing; that just poured out.  It’s the editing, proofing, and cleaning it up.  I spent all morning searching through Big Creek deleting duplicate explanations, deleting the word “ranger” before their names after they had been introduced, same for “maintenance”. When we were in the park, I would introduce things to people reading my log every year.  There were new people on the distribution list.  A book doesn’t need that annoying repetition. I had about a dozen things like that to double check and clean up. Tomorrow, I plan to start reading through it again and, probably, fix errors I introduced today.

Then, Patricia assures me, I will need to start rewriting. And, deleting to make it shorter. But, I am determined to get this done. I want to share the story.