The Treehouse

George has been making fairly good progress on the tree house.  He got a bit behind his schedule when Jennifer drove by a McDonald’s that was being demolished. She made a U-turn and asked if she could buy the green spiral sliding board.  She and George had to dismantle it and haul it home in four (or more) trips with the pickup and a trailer. Getting it reassembled was another major project. The treehouse is twelve feet off the ground.

Technically, I suppose, it is not a tree house, but a stump house.

A ship’s ladder up another “stump” leads to a bridge.

It looks pretty high from the bottom.  When done, it will have a ship’s ladder railing, meaning short. It is at a good angle and easy to climb.

Then you come to the bridge.  George has not yet built access to the slide, which was not in his  original plans.  I think he is going to make a short platform with its own support posts out to the top of the slide.

The railing has wire cables to help prevent children from falling off.

There are windows all around the treehouse.  George has put screens in them. The narrow deck goes all the way around the house.

There is also a skylight for looking at the stars at night.

Here is a look from top to bottom.  The center post will be removed when the roof is finished.

George has fitted the skylight with pieces of plexiglass.

The treehouse is not too far from the big house, just at the edge of the woods.


July 6, 2018 – Tae Kwon Do for Grandparents

The Tae Kwon Do master at the school told us that the Grand Master Lee teaches a class for grandparents on Friday mornings.  It is free to attend one class to decide if you like it.  It turns out that the location is just down the street from Son-in-Love George’s office. We stopped in Milwaukee Tools and had lunch in the company cafeteria.

Daughter Jennifer took stills and videos of our class and laughed at us. We wore shorts and t-shirts.  If you decide to take another class, you have to buy a Tae Kwon Do outfit. We stood in the back behind the regulars.

I call this head rolling.

The floor was soft and cushy.  Grand Master Lee led from the mirrored wall.  Note that several people did their Tae Kwon Do from or with chairs.

Here, more advanced students taught us to kick our legs out sideways. It sure helped to have my hands on her shoulders; I’m sure I would have fallen over otherwise. That is Grand Master Lee in the foreground.  A delightful man. Andy and his partner are reflected in the mirror.

The scene was hilarious to Jennifer.  Ha! She’ll get old one day. OK, I laughed at all these videos too.  I ought to be ashamed and too embarrassed to show them.

She did not capture the whole scene, but a room full of old people lying on the floor and swinging their legs around in the air is somewhat humorous, I have to admit.

I could not manage to get my legs parallel to the floor or even to keep them as far up as I did.  I kept rolling back down.

It was a nice workout and stretching workout.  Andy did not like the yelling (from the kids class; we grandparents didn’t yell much) so we will probably go back to Tai Chi when we get home. It was fun to have the experience.

JK Lee Black Belt Academy


July 1 and 2, 2018 – Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Mequon, Wisconsin

We did not leave Big Creek until after 3:00 pm but drove all the way to Madison, GA and spent the night at the Cracker Barrel.  We arrived at Daughter Jennifer’s house just in time to go watch Owen and Cam at Tae Kwon Do class.  It was one of the most entertaining evenings we’ve had in ages!

You know I took almost two hundred pictures.  Before the class started, the children had some activities.  Hurdles:

Cam actually slid over them most of the time.  At four, he is not exactly leaping yet.

Owen, on the other hand, at six, leaped over them easily.

The children put away the hurdles when the games were over.

They did some stretches.  Owen noticed me taking pictures.

Cam kept an eye on his older brother to learn what to do next.

All ages and abilities were in the same class.  The more advanced ones were up front and the newest were in the back. Son-in-Love George is in the front row, the first person next to the children.  They just started this class a few weeks ago, after Owen won a free class at some event.  They signed up after the first lesson

George looked in fine form in my opinion.

In this exercise, the children were scampering sideways monkey-style across the room and back.  Owen was fast.

Cam was hilarious. His hopping was even funnier.

An instructor used Owen to demonstrate how to fend off an attacker.

They did several exercises pushing an arm out of the way.

Here, I caught both boys kicking at the same time.

Andy and I took a short walk when we got back home.