Baba Yaga’s Heart Melted – Again

I’ve been having a pretty rough time with this shoulder the last few weeks.  It hurts to pick the camera up to my face.  It hurts to use the computer. Now, new medical issues are disrupting our summer trip plans.  Grandma (Baba Yaga to my grandsons) has been a bit blue. However, my wonderful son-in-love George posted just the right medicine on their web site yesterday.  Here is Cam looking only a bit more angelic than he actually is.

Cam Sleeping
Cam Sleeping

It also makes me sad to be so far away and not be able to kiss those cheeks more often. In the interest of full disclosure, I must post the following, which depicts life in that household more accurately.

Owen and Cam Wearing Boots
Owen and Cam Wearing Boots

Camp Chappy

We did not take the motorhome to the annual Camp Chappy this year since I could not drive so soon after my shoulder surgery.  Our group of RV friends meet on this undeveloped property on the Atlantic Ocean, near the Seven-Mile Bridge. I came across this video taken from a drone last year.  Our motorhome, Sao, is the gray one on the far right.  Andy and I were out walking on the Old Seven Mile Bridge when the video was taken and missed the excitement.

Camp Chappy 2015

We did drive the car and spend several hours with the gang every day, usually until my nap or drug time. It is always such a great, relaxing three days of eating, drinking, and generally doing nothing at all but visiting with our friends. I’m looking forward to next year.

That Sling Is Gone!

I went to see Dr. Collins this morning, ten days after the surgery. The nurse took the stitches out and Dr. Collins said I don’t have to wear that sling anymore.  It hurts to move my arm, but he said I won’t hurt the shoulder by doing so. He gave me a prescription for nine physical therapy sessions and sent me on my way.  Hooray!!

It only took ten days for me to develop a lot more sympathy and empathy for those who have a permanent disability.  I felt so helpless the last ten days, not to mention the frustration. That was worse than the pain.

Well, I guess it’s back to cooking, cleaning, laundry, and making the bed. Maybe I can convince Andy to continue tying my shoes though.