November 26, 2015 – Orlando, Florida

Happy Thanksgiving from the Misovec/Kaoris Clan

b Misovec and Kaoris Clan Thanksgiving

OK Beth, from left: Andy’s brother Paul, Andy’s daughter Kathy, Granddaughter Elizabeth, Son Andrew (father to the three big kids), Daughter-in-Love Joanne Kaoris Misovec, her mother Elsa Kaoris, baby George Kaoris, George’s father and Joanne’s brother Dimitre Kaoris, Dimitre’s wife Carey (sp?), grandson Andrew, Andy’s first wife Margaret, grandson George, Andy’s son Mike, my empty chair, and the top of Andy’s head.

We gathered at Disney for an extended-family Thanksgiving holiday. That’s the top of Andy’s head in the foreground and, of course, I am behind the camera smiling.