June 26, 2019 – Rock Climbing Gym

My Nephew Jonathan invited us to visit the climbing gym where he is working this week. (He works for the parent company and visits multiple sites.)

Check out Earth Treks Climbing Gym https://www.earthtreksclimbing.com/

I was standing at the front desk while Andrew and George changed to the issued climbing shoes. The place was so much larger than I was expecting.

We expected that they would be climbing using a harness and ropes. However, all the belaying-qualified staff was busy with a large group of young teens. So, Andrew and George were only able to use the “cave” as Jonathan called it. There were no ropes or harnesses, but there was a springy floor to break and falls.

It looked really, really hard! How is anyone supposed to be able to climb and hang on to that? Andrew and George did manage to do a bit of it.

Grandpa watched.

The group of young teens (and all the staff) were in the area adjacent to us.

Andrew took a swinging jumping attack to this section but did not get any higher.

I was happy there was a soft, bouncy floor when he landed.