The Toilet Drain

There was one bright yellow truck in front of the house this morning.  I thought it was a utility truck of some sort until I read “plumber” on the door.

There was a lot of noise coming from the house and I could not imagine what he was doing in there.  We followed the sound and found the plumber on his knees in front of the master bath toilet drain. (No plumber butt here, folks)

This is how we had seen it last, in the other bathroom.

He had cut the pipe off, flush with the floor.  (Ha ha, I didn’t mean that) He explained that the drain pipe had been set an inch off-center.  I had noticed that it was not quite centered in the WC but did not think much of it.  Someone did and told this guy to install a fixture that would center the toilet and divert the flow an inch over into the drain pipe. All that noise was him drilling through the tiles and cement to accomplish his goal.

The only other change we noted was the master bath shower stall.  A cement floor had been poured, except for one corner.  What’s up with that? Did he run out of cement?

Funny that Elinor should have posted the question today.  We have been talking about not needing a large motorhome when we move into the house. I have been reminiscing about the days when we had a small RV and could park anywhere, fit into state park campsites, and easily stop when we see an interesting place. Andy suggested that we downsize to a Class B, which is a van.  I thought that was a great idea.

Next thing I know, Andy had found a dealer (he thought nearby) and wanted to go look at some. Nothing else was on the agenda so we drove to Lakeland (an hour away). The salesman, of course, wanted to show us new vans, but I don’t want to spend the money.  We did look at some new ones though.  We focused on the older ones. We saw a used one that looked much like this one I found online.

The salesman was eager to give us a “good deal”, but I said we can’t trade-in the motorhome until after we close on the house and move our furniture from Maryland and Virginia. That will be at least a month away. We will look again after that and if this one is still for sale, we might take it.  If it has already sold, we’ll just look for another one in our price range. He said he will stay in touch and let us know when he finds another good deal. So, Elinor, that is the plan.  We still want to take some road trips and spend time in the keys in the winters.

It was the end of dusk when we got to the house on our way home. The only thing that had changed was that the plumber had finished his job. We will henceforth be centered when we use the toilet.

It looks a bit rough close up, but I imagine the base of the toilet will cover that up. They who are concerned about a toilet being an inch off-center will probably patch it to look pretty anyway.

It was quite dark when we left the house.  However, we have a street lamp next to our driveway. I thought it made an interesting picture.