Birds in Venetian Gardens Park

We have been walking a good bit recently and even reached four miles per day a couple times. Usually, we walk around the neighborhood. But, we walk in Venetian Gardens at least once a week. We park at the lakefront and eat our sandwich first.

Then it is time to walk. I had not noticed the hole in this Great Blue Heron’s feathers until I got the pictures on the computer.

Great Blue Heron

This is an ordinary sign in Florida parks and anywhere near water.

I was able to get really close to this Limpkin.


There were Great Blue Herons everywhere. This one whizzed by waist-high as we walked.

I don’t believe I’ve posted a portrait of an Ibis before.


This Great Blue was standing next to the bridge from which we were watching the alligator. It was keeping a close eye on the alligator too.

Great Blue Heron

The alligator decided to swim on up the canal. It was not moving its limbs at all. Only the tail moved with a slow and gentle sideways wave.