July 30, 2018 – Sundance WY to Grand Teton National Park

FINALLY!  We got off the interstate. But yes, Wyoming is sooo beautiful, even from the interstate.  We topped off the fuel tank and ate lunch at the Subway. It is the first time I ever went to a cowboy town Subway.  It was the same as most others on the inside.

We then followed US16. We had to pull over for some minor emergency (something crashed in the back of the RV).  While Andy checked that, I took a couple pictures out the window.

The Bighorn National Forest was incredibly beautiful and mostly filled with lodgepole pines. I pulled over at one overlook.

Andy reminded me that we had a long way to go and I could not stop at every overlook or interesting spot.  Those are the only pictures I took so you should Google images of Bighorn National Forest and see how amazing, stunning, incredible and beautiful it is.

Another thing you need to see with Google images is Wind River Canyon. Absolutely stunning. Today’s drive was one of the most beautiful I have ever taken.  It is in my top ten, for sure. It is right up there with the Pacific Coast Highway in California, the Overseas Highway in Florida, and the drive through Zion National Park.

We drove directly into the Grand Teton National Park and to the Gros Ventre campground.  It was late in the afternoon and there was a line at the campground office, but we got a campsite.

Here is Scamp snuggled into our campsite.

No wonder I’m so tired.  We drove 475 miles today in about 10 hours.