Lunch in Oceanfront Park

I finished another read-through of Big Creek this morning.  We celebrated by picking up sandwiches at Subway and going to Oceanfront Park to eat them. There was a strong wind from the east so we found a table with a little protection from the mangroves.  This was our view:


An older man and woman sat at the other table, but left after a few minutes.  We had the pavilion to ourselves.


After eating, I walked out on the little pier and saw a huge patch of sea grass blown up against the shore.  This is a common thing here in the keys.  Depending on the wind, the grass will accumulate along the shore, in canals, and in marinas.  If it stays there too long, it will stink to high heaven when it rots. That is why our RV park canal has those ugly floating barriers and bubblers, to keep the grass out.


Andy watched me from our picnic table.


Then we took our walk around the park perimeter.  A group of Cubans was in the larger pavilion.  They talk very loud.  No, they yell their conversations.  They were having a good time and we didn’t mind.  But, then they turned up the music from the car.  We could hear it all over the park.  I don’t know why the guy isn’t deaf by now.  But, then, maybe he is deaf from listening to loud music and that is why he has to have such large speakers.