A Week in Big Creek

We are settled in a working hard(ly).  Send an email to dinata@gmail.com to get my updates.  I don’t have internet access in the park, but send out an email posting once a week.  I can’t compose on WordPress off line, but can with Microsoft Outlook.  It works for me; I hope it works for you.  It is a closer look at national park.


b Andy on Bridge Over Big Creek
Andy on Bridge Over Big Creek
b Sao in Big Creek Host Site
Sao in Big Creek Host Site
b Spence After Whacking Weeds
Maintenance Man Spence After Whacking Weeds

Looking at Motorhomes Again

May 1, 2016 – Wildwood, Florida

Our service advisor, Will, came out to look at the refrigerator in the morning.  He asked if the fridge was leaking ammonia.  We don’t smell any.  Then he said you don’t always smell it and told us about a motorhome they had here in the shop that caught on fire from leaking ammonia. That got Andy worried.  I said the back end of the fridge is only a couple years old; we had that repair done in Suffolk, Virginia. Will suggested replacing the RV fridge with a household one.  I’d rather not spend so much money if we are going to trade in the motorhome within the year. I’m voting for a repair, if needed.  Today, Andy decided that the fridge was probably acting up because our inverter was bad.  We just got that replaced last week.

He did convince us that it is about time to start looking for a newer motorhome.  Sao is a 2006. So, we ended up spending a good part of the day looking at motorhomes with salesman Dean. I even test drove two of them. But, they were too much money.  Today I told Dean that I would rather buy a motorhome that is two or three years old and not have such large payments.  I didn’t see anything I liked better than Sao. It is extremely stressful for me to consider large purchases.  My gut was in knots.

Here is Sao parked in our space in the service department campground.

b Sao at Alliance Coach, Wildwood, FL
Sao at Alliance Coach, Wildwood, FL

Late in the day, Dean wanted to show us a motorhome that I would love.  And, I did.  The problem was that it was gas and we want diesel. There is no rush.  We can take or time and shop around until I find one that meets my requirements and is in our price range.

The day was hot.  We waited until evening to take a nice walk when it was cooler.  We got lucky as there were no mosquitoes. I was delighted to see some Passion Flowers.  They remind me of my childhood stays with my grandparents in North Carolina. Passion flowers grew along the roadsides.


b Passion Flower
Passion Flower

Occasionally Andy will point out something for me to photograph.  This evening, he pointed to the view between the Live Oak Trees. It did make a nice picture. The Spanish moss is heavy in this part of Florida.

b View Beyond Spanish Moss
View Beyond Spanish Moss


I love this Live Oak in front of the Alliance Coach building.


b Live Oak Tree
Live Oak Tree