I had a bone spur on my shoulder. It was poking into my rotator cuff and causing a good bit of pain with certain movements. I went to see the orthopedic guy on Thursday and we decided to get it fixed fast so I would be healed enough to drive the motorhome out of here by April 22. He did the surgery on Monday. All is well as long as I take the pain meds. But, my arm is in a sling and pressed up against my chest. I am just about helpless without my right arm. I can’t take pictures.  Andy is literally my right-hand man and is waiting on me hand and foot. Yes, he even ties my shoes.

I typed this with one finger.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

We took an excellent senior adventure trip up to Miami with our adventure buddies Martin and Betsy.  Here’s the thing.  I took 465 pictures and I don’t know the names of anything I saw. So I’m just going to post some of my favorite pictures here for you to enjoy.

b Orange and Yellow Flower Dr Seuss
Dr. Seuss Got Inspiration Here

b Water Lily

b Bananas

b Black Butterfly w Blue and White Spots

b Butterflies

b Blue Butterfly Pair

b Butterfly on Martin's Sleeve
Butterfly on Martin’s Sleeve
b Andy Looking for Butterfly on Hat
Andy Looking for Butterfly on His Hat

b Owl Butterfly  b Exoctic Red Flower

This Great White Egret was across a lawn from us, but then decided to come over to our side. It was not the least bit concerned with four humans and walked very close by us while Betsy and I took pictures.

b Great Egret on Grass

b Most Amazing Flower at Fairchild

b Orange and Yellow Orchids

b Small Yellow Orchids

b Orange Flower  b Pink Flowers on Vine

This is a Rainbow Tree.  The bark is stunning.

b Rainbow Tree

Fairchild has exotic tropical plants from all around the world. There are so many strange things to see and marvel over. When we were there at Christmas, most of my attention was on grandsons Owen and Cam.  This time, I enjoyed the plants more.


February 18, 2016

I have been very unhappy the last couple weeks.  I had not heard from Patricia, the editor.  She did not return my calls or emails.  Finally, today she called and apologized.  She said she finished with her other project. I have also had a number of aggravating doctor’s appointments.  I guess it’s that age in life. The body just needs more care and maintenance.

All is good now and I am cheered up.  Since it has been several days (again!) I’ll just post a few pictures.

This is our back yard.  The orange kayaks had been filling the space so we stood them on end against the back of the shed and put some patio furniture back there. Andy insisted that I needed some flowers.  I picked a basket to hang on the fence and filled it with begonias. The green in the lower right corner is the bike cover.

b Back Patio Lot 80W
Back Patio

This is our view of the mangrove swamp behind our RV lot. I love it.

b Our Backyard Mangrove Swamp
Our Backyard Mangrove Swamp

This is a closer look at the Black Mangrove pneumatophores.

b Black Mangrove Pneumataphores
Black Mangrove Pneumatophores

Our neighbor Mark had picked up a fallen palm frond and was taking it to the dumpster. We told him he looked like a peacock.

b Mark Looks Like a Peacock

We walked on Smathers Beach in Key West after a doctor’s appointment.

b Smathers Beach Key West
Smathers Beach Key West

I love pelicans.  For some reason, we don’t see very many in the RV park anymore.  A few years ago, they would roost on top of trailers and attached rooms. This one was at Smathers Beach.

b Pelican
Pelican at Smathers Beach Key West

More plants around the RV Park

b Yellow Orange Green Plant

b Buds near clubhouse

Valentine’s Day Walk

I said I needed to get you out more, so Andy and I took our walk at Bahia Honda State Park today. I had checked the tide tables and realized we would be walking at high tide. So we were quite surprised when we got to the beach and saw how much beach was there.

b Beach
Beach at Bahia Honda State Park

The seagrapes have had a hard time with the cold weather.  Many of the leaves have turned brown.

b Brown Sea Grape
Brown Seagrape Leaves

These three palm trees always remind me of my daughter Jennifer who sat on that rock with two pieces of coconut shells held over her breasts with a silly grin on her face.  I guess that was back when she was in college.  I’ll have to find that photo.

b Three Palm Trees
Three Palm Trees Bahia Honda State Park

Wow!! I found it in ten seconds!  It was December of 2001.

Coconut Bra

Unfortunately, that extra sand seems to be from the higher ground that had been washed out. It was very crowded and some areas were impossible to walk on and stay dry, so we drove down to the parking lot where the kayaks are launched.  There is never much sand in that spot.

b Beach from Kayak Lot Bania Honda State Park
Beach at Kayak Launch Area

There is a short nature trail/butterfly garden along the shore. We stopped to inspect the strangler fig overtaking a rock.

b Stangler Fig on Rock
Strangler Fig on Rock

The path to the old bridge was lined with spider webs and we saw something new.  I thought this was a Silver Back when I took the picture, but after Googling a bit, I have decided that it is a Silver Garden Spider. It was that Roman Numeral ten that convinced me.

b Silver Garden Spider
Silver Garden Spider

The path to the old bridge goes through a tunnel of seagrapes.  They were pretty with the sun shining through the cold-damaged leaves.

b Sun Through Seagrape Leaves
Sun Through Yellow Seagrape Leaves

This is the view on the gulf side  from the old Bahia Honda Bridge.  We can’t walk up as far as we could just two years ago as it has been closed off. That is the new  (1980) bridge in the background.

b View from Bridge
View Gulfside from Bridge at Bahia Honda State Park

We spotted a wrecked boat from the bridge and walked down to the jetty along the harbor entrance to check it out. That view was just the bottom of the hull so we walked around the harbor basin to get a look at the top side. That looks like plenty of salvageable hardware left on it to me.

b Wrecked Sailboat
Wrecked Sailboat at Bahia Honda State Park

We stopped to look at the sailboat near this interesting dead tree.

b Dead Tree
Dead Tree

These orchids are on a palm tree in the RV park.

b Orchids

My sister Barbara sent me a picture of herself dressed in her student nurse scrubs. She feels extra large in them, but I think she is adorable. I am so proud that she had the gumption to decide to, and then follow through with the decision after all the boys grew up and left home.

Barbara in Scrubs
Barbara in Scrubs

Feb 12 & 13 – Walking Around the RV Park

We have not been too busy the last two days, so I don’t know why I forgot to post yesterday.  So here are two day’s worth of pictures around the RV park.  I really need to get you out a little more often.

We were taking one of our daily walks when Andy made a pit stop.  I sat by the canal to wait and watched a manatee swim by.  I ocurred to me that my manatee pictures usually post don’t have any scale. So here is a 17-ft boat in the background to give an idea how long the manatee is. Adult manatees average about 10-feet long and 800 to 1,200 pounds

b Manatee and Boat
Manatee and Boat

b Pink Flower

The manatee beat us to the end of the canal and joined two others lollygagging behind another boat.

b Three Manatees in Canal

This morning, we were sitting outside in our screen room drinking coffee when I heard a woodpecker.  In previous years, they have been common on the utility pole behind our shed, but we had not seen them yet this year.  I ran out to have a look.  One was on the pole and its mate was in the mangroves.

b Woodpecker

Winter is not over yet so here is today’s weather report, courtesy of our neighbor Bill.

b Weather Report by Bill Latz
Bill Enjoying the Sunshine

At the waterfront, there was a truce between the Snowy Egret and the Tricolored Heron.  They were not a yard apart and were not paying any attention to each other.

b Snowy Egret
Snowy Egret
b Tricolored Heron
Tricolored Heron

A Little Green Heron was standing on the float.

b Little Gree Heron
Little Gree Heron

This Plumbago is growing next to a trailer near the park entrance. It is really bluer (more blue?) than this picture shows.

b Plumbago

Andy pointed out the moon so I took a daytime picture.  It turned out better than my nighttime shots. This was at 3:00 pm.

b The Moon at Three in the Afternoon
The Moon at Three in the Afternoon

I spotted a large iguana on a pier near the canal entrance.  When they are small, they are bright green, but get more brown as they age and grow.

b Iguana on Pier
Iguana on Pier

Here is a close up.

b Iguana Closeup

A walk to the post office and two walks around the RV park got me five miles on the activity tracker today. But a stop on the Publix (grocery store) scale told me that I have gained another pound. It’s diet and exercise. It’s time to add more diet to the program.

I Missed the Sunrise But Got the Bird

Andy always gets up early and walks two miles while I sleep.  This morning he rushed back into the motorhome and told me to get up quickly to go see the sunrise.  I put on my clothes as fast as possible and we walked to the waterfront.  The sun had already come up enough that most of the color was gone. I took about a dozen pictures, but none of them turned out well. Then, we were walking back to the motorhome when this cardinal perched on the overhead line. The low sun lit him up like a Christmas card.

b Cardinal on Line
Cardinal on Line

There was also a dove nearby.

b Dove on Line

Pictures from Lunch Breaks and Walks

Ten days.  I’ve cut out the twenty thousand words and finished all the essays. But, I don’t think I am any closer to a book.  It sure can be frustrating. However, I am ahead of schedule on one thing: I mailed off my income tax information to Chris Morris, CPA today! Yay, that’s done.

I got a note from blogger friend Carol Ferenc saying she had not been getting my blog update notices.  Uh oh.  Maybe I should post some pictures.  I was surprised to see that I had not downloaded pictures from the camera since January 31.  Gosh I have been absorbed in the work. We have been taking the walking breaks every few hours and attempting to cover four miles per day.  Since I always wear my camera, I had quite a few pictures.  I’m not going to say much about them though because it is almost bedtime.

We met for lunch at Fiesta Key RV park on Long Key before our Concert Association meeting.  We ate in this tiki.

b Restaurant at Fiesta Key
Restaurant at Fiesta Key
b Lunch View at Fiesta Key
Lunch View of Florida Bay
b Boardwalk at Long Key State Park
Boardwalk at Long Key State Park
b Black Mangrove Pneumatophors
Black Mangrove Pneumatophores
b Muddy Creek Through Mangroves
Muddy Creek Through Mangroves Long Key State Park
b Andy and Gnarly Buttonwood
Andy and Gnarly Buttonwood at Long Key State Park
b Fish Around Mangrove Roots
Fish Around Mangrove Roots Long Key State Park
b Couple on Driftwood
Couple on Driftwood Long Key State Park
b Ibis on Magrove Branch
Ibis on Mangrove Branch Long Key State Park
b Sea Grape Leaves 2
Sea Grape Leaves
b Wild Poinsettia
Wild Poinsettia Long Key State Park
b Barracuda
Barracuda in Key RV Canal

We were taking our regular one-mile walk when neighbors Bill and Dawn stopped thier car by us and yelled, “Happy Pączki Day!” So, even though we were exercising, we are not ones to turn down a jelly doughnut.

b Andy and Pączki
Andy Eating Jelly Doughnut While Exercising

A few minutes later, we caught up with Bill and Dawn.  She had gone inside to see her mother and Bill was waiting in the car.  He saw us walking up behind him licking our fingers and held some napkins out the window.

b Bill and Napkins
Bill Holding Napkins Out the Car Window


b Yellow Ixora
Yellow Ixora Buds
b Yellow Crowned Night Heron
Yellow Crowned Night Heron
b Snowy Egret on Float
Snowy Egret on Float
b Sea Grape Leaves
Sea Grape Leaves
b Pink Hibiscus
Pink and White Hibiscus

b Yellow Flower

b Mud Flats at Low Tide
Mud Flat at Low Tide
b Mama and Baby Manatee
Mama and Baby Manatee in Canal
b Lost Horizon
Lost Horizon on Atlantic Ocean
b Crab in the Grass
Crab in the Grass in Canal
b Clouds Over Atlantic
Cloudy Sky
b Barracuda
Small Barracuda in Canal