Toilet Paper and Tortoise

We don’t expect to see much going on at the house at this point, especially on a Saturday. But, we don’t want to miss anything if someone does do something.  Someone had been there; a light was on in the hall, the laundry room, the garage, and in the small attic space above the garage.  The pull-down stairs were still down. I climbed up to have a look but did not see anything new.

A bird was having an epic battle with itself in the shower stall window. It kept flying into the window and pecking its reflection over and over.

We did find a change.  The toilet paper holder had been installed in the bathroom by Andy’s office.

We saw a huge tortoise (I think it’s a tortoise, anyway) crossing the road in our RV park. I didn’t have a ruler with me and am guessing the shell was fifteen inches from front to back.

When I stood in front of it to take a picture, it would lie down.

Then, it would take off again in a hurry.  This tortoise was no slow poke. That’s a look of determination.