August 31 – Georgetown, Kentucky to Newport, Tennessee (233 miles)

Since we had a short travel day planned, Andy did not wake me up this morning. I think I slept until nine.  That is two long nights in a row.  I’ve not been sleeping well this past week. Little Cam had a green snotty upper lip so I’m guessing I got something from him along with those juicy kisses. Now I have a sinus headache, sneezes, coughs, sore throat, and that achy all over feeling.  It was worth it.

We pulled out of our site at 1058 and traveled on the interstates all day. Interstate 75 through Kentucky is through very rough country.  I think they are called the Cumberland Mountains, but they are hundreds (maybe thousands) of big hills. I want to explore it some more, off the interstate.

We got to Tana-See RV park in Newport, Tennessee at 5:13. We were shocked and shaken to discover that one of the yellow straps, that holds a car wheel onto the tow dolly, was off!  Andy was sure it was on the tire when we got fuel shortly before got here.

Our new neighbor, Lee, helped us move the dolly to the back of our site after we unloaded the car.  It was tough to move in the deep gravel.

I forgot to take any pictures of our new surroundings today.

August 30 – LeRoy, Illinois to Georgetown, Kentucky (326 miles)

There is not much to report today, just a drive on the interstate highways. I have to say, though, that I enjoyed spending the night at a truck stop.  The trucks leave their engines running all night and I liked the steady hum.  It was a noise canceling thing.  I didn’t hear anything else to keep me awake.

We got underway at 0810, again, without eating any breakfast. We pulled into one rest stop long enough for me to take some medicine.  We stopped for lunch but not for fuel. Kentucky is beautiful and I hope to see more of it than just what I see from I-75 one of these days. We arrived at Whispering Hills RV park at 1507. It is well maintained but still pretty much a gravel parking lot with utilities.  They do have a nice pool.

b Sao in Campsite, Georgetown, Kentucky
Sao in Campsite, Georgetown, Kentucky
b View Forward

View Forward

My Sister Barbara reminded me that I have not posted a picture of the new car so here it is on the Tow Dolly.

b New Car on Tow Dolly

b New Car on Tow Dolly Front

Daughter Kathy sent some pictures she took when she visited.  It is Cam with a chocolate frosting face.

b Cam and Chocolate Frosting

August 29, 2016 – Mequon, Wisconsin to LeRoy, Illinois

On the road again.  Heading back to Tennessee.

We got the dolly and car hooked up yesterday evening.  George has plenty of experience with towing trailers and such and helped us get it right.  George and Jennifer’s vehicles were parked in front of Sao in the driveway so they could leave for work before we took off. We took showers and I washed dishes in the house before we got the motorhome secured for the road.  Every time we stay in one place very long, “stuff” ends up piled everywhere.  I am determined to get rid of the excess – one of these days.

We got underway at 0951 and headed west of Milwaukee and Chicago to avoid the traffic around those cities.  We had smooth sailing (er, driving) all the way with light traffic.  I don’t want to drive near Chicago anymore in a motorhome pulling a car. This route was so much less stressful.

I did not eat or drink anything before we got on the road. We made a quick rest stop and did not make any other stops until we reached the Love’s truck stop in LeRoy, Illinois at 1510.  That was 254 miles. Then we ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the truck stop Arby’s.

We are parked between a row of trucks for the night.

b32 View Forward
b33 View to Port
View to Port before another truck pulled in
b34 View to Port4
View Starboard
b35 Tanker Truck to Port
Tanker Truck to Starboard

It is kinda cool to be in a truck stop for the night, but we can’t slide out the slides.  We are squeezed in between the clutter and can’t spread out!

Bookworm Gardens

Aside from Shalom Wild Animal Zoo, Owen wanted to take Uncle Andy to see Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan.  He said it was so beautiful; he almost died when he went there on a school field trip.

Son-in-love George gave Andy a birthday present that we really needed.  I can’t remember what it is called, but it is a little post with a wheel on the bottom that attaches to the tongue of the tow dolly.  Now we don’t have to pick it up! We can simply roll it around. I am so happy and it wasn’t even my birthday. George wanted to hook the dolly up and pull it around to make sure the lug nuts on the wheels stayed tight.  So we hooked it up to Jennifer’s van and headed to Bookworm Gardens with the tow dolly rattling along behind us.

It was fabulous, a children’s fantasy land where stories come to life. I won’s say too much about it because I took so many photos and each of them is worth a thousand words.

B01 Bookworm Gardens Gate

b02 Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk. The Giant must have hit the ground head first.

Owen and Cam were enamored with this small sculpture of two children reading a book.  We passed it several times and they stopped to admire it each time.

b03 Sculpture Children Reading

b04 Kinetic Sculpture
Kinetic Sculpture
b05 Playhouse for Monsters
Playhouse for Monsters
b06  Horton Hatches the Egg
Horton Hatches the Egg
b07 Little House on the Prairie
Little House on the Prairie

There was a little house, but the boys were more interested in the covered wagon.

I didn’t notice if the gazebo was related to a book or just beautiful.

b08 Picnic Arbor

b09 Owl
b10 Curious George and the Pizza
Curious George and the Pizza

One of my favorite books as a child.  It might be hard to spot Charlotte to the left of center above the  beam. Of course, she wanted the spotlight on Wilbur the pig.

b11 Charlotte's Web
Charlotte’s Web

b12 Cow in Barnyard

Cam was expressing his engineer genes. He was absolutely fascinated by the typewriter in the barn.  He had no idea what it was but was intent on figuring out how to work it. I told him it was how people sent texts to people before computers and cell phones. He hit every key and returned the carriage many times before standing up to watch the letter strike.  Jennifer had to drag him away.

b13 Cam and Typewriter in Barn
Cam and Typewriter in Barn

Then he found the water pump outside the barn and tried to figure out how to get some water.  The pump was apparently not functional.  A sign said don’t drink the water.

b14 Cam and Water Pump
Cam and Water Pump

Owen and Jennifer found a patch of tiny mushrooms.

b15 Jennifer and Owen w Mushrooms

b21 Johnny Appleseed
Waiting for Cam in a Johnny Appleseed orchard.
b16 Owen in Cheese Sail on Bread Boat
Owen in Cheese Sail on a slice-of-bread Boat

b17 Jennifer and Cam w Bookworm

b18 Sneaking up on Papa
Sneaking up on Papa
b19 Waterlilly
Waterlilly in Fish Pond
b20 Grass
Sun on Grass
b22 Snake on Tree
Snake on Tree
b23 Bat Sculpture
b24 Gazebo Tree House
Gazebo Tree House Off Cliff
b25 Gift Shop and Restrooms
Gift Shop and Restrooms
b27 Magic School Bus
Magic School Bus
b26 Magic School Bus
Cam was driving and Owen was Operating the Doors. Miss Frizzle was nowhere in sight.

b28 Jennifer Crossing Bridge

b29 Three Little Pigs
Three Little Pigs

b30 Cam and House

When we got back to the van, George checked the lug nuts to make sure they were tight.

b31 George Checking Tow Dolly Lug Nuts

What a delightful park! I didn’t take any pictures of them, but there were also a number of real books for the children to take off shelves and read. There were many more books represented than I show here.


Saturday Motorcycle Riding

When I first met George I told him that if he ever got my daughter on a motorcycle, I would go up to Cornell and rip his arms out of their sockets.  He responded, “Yes Ma’am”. Now he is driving my grandsons around on a motorcycle and still has both arms.  I love that man.

I watched as the boys took turns riding with George on a course around the front and back yard.  It was hard to tell them apart in their matching motorcycle garb except that Owen is a bit taller in the saddle.  Owen was very serious about riding.

b1 Geoge and Owen on Motorcycle Front Yard


b2 George Owen Motorcycle Back Yard

When it was not his turn, Cam would stand perfectly still waiting patiently.  That is the only time I have seen him displaying patience.

b4 Baby Biker Cam


b3 Cam George Motorcycle

George is most safety conscious and the boys all have full gear, including safety pads under the shirts.

Shalom Wildlife Zoo in West Bend, WI

Owen’s nursery school class took a trip to Shalom Wildlife Zoo and he loved it so much, he wanted to take Uncle Andy there for his birthday.  Jennifer called her friend Agnes to come along with her son Max. Owen and Cam rode with us while Jennifer rode with Agnes and Max.  The boys tormented, kicked, and hit each other while yelling at the top of their lungs all the way to West Bend. On the way home, the sang and chattered at the top of their lungs all the way home.  We tuned them out both ways.

The private zoo is 100 acres with a three-mile trail.  We rented a golf cart.  We made Cam and Max take turns driving though neither of them wanted to share.

b01 Map

I usually have trouble distinguishing llamas from alpacas.  Thanks to Google, now I know the difference.

b02 Alpaca
Alpaca (pointy ears, llamas have banana ears)

OK, I’ll admit it, this was one of my favorite stops.

b03 Outhouse

The fallow deer were beautiful.  We bought a bucket of corn and fed the hooved animals.

b04 Fallow Deer

b05 Fallow Deer

This place is chipmunk heaven.  They were scampering everywhere gathering the grain children (and adults) scattered on the ground.  This guy was stealing somebody else’s food.

b06 Chipmunk

I thought this was a wallaby, but it did not have a tail.  I think the sign said “illaby”, or something similar but, Google didn’t help me here.  It was the size of a very large rabbit.

b07 Illaby

The three skunks were sound asleep in a hollow log.

b08 Three Skunks in Hollow Log

b09 Sika Deer Fawn
Sika Deer Fawn
b10 Owen and Andy at Golf Cart
Owen and Andy at Golf Cart

Here is another picture for my animal butt collection. The elk were not as large as the ones in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

b11 Elk Butt

They were very tame and came to the fence to be fed.

b12 Feeding Elk Buck

Cam was helping Jennifer feed the doe without getting his hand too close.

b13 Cam Feeding Elk Doe

b14 Sika Deer
Sika Deer
b15 Albino Whitetail Deer
Albino Whitetail Deer
b16 Owen with Elk Antlers
Owen with Elk Antlers
b17 Owen Climbing Pole
Owen Climbing Pole

The zebras were quite small.

b18 Small Zebra

This is Max climbing the gate to the camel pen.

b19 Max

The children had a grand time looking at and feeding the animals.  Cam and Max loved the golf cart the best. We adults enjoyed the outing too.

No C-Diff!!, Andy Turned Eighty, Clock Shadow Building, and Milwaukee Art Museum

Here is the pill box.  I had resisted using it for a month or so but, finally picked one up at Walgreens.  I have to admit that it is easier to use than individual bottles. And, I can easily tell whether I took my pills or not. However, it does not accommodate my complicated regimen. Just looking at it makes me feel old.

b Pill Box

I went back to the doctor on Monday.  They said the Clostridium Difficile is gone.  They did not test for it because the sample I gave them was not watery enough.  (I think that is a good sign.) She said they know it is gone because they did not see any white blood cells in the sample. It is great news I suppose.  I am still unhappy about pooping four to six times a day, though. To address that, I am switching from the no fiber diet to a high fiber diet – gradually. I have cut back on the Vancomycin to three times a day.

This month, the monthly birthday was also and annual birthday and a big one, at that. I baked Andy’s favorite, Fudgy Chocolate Layer Cake, with raspberry jam between the layers.  Owen and Cam helped me.  I almost had a nervous breakdown with all that help.

The cake was on the cooling racks.  I was on the far side of the kitchen with my back to it, making the frosting. I heard the boys singing Patty Cake and was charmed that they were singing the same version that my mother sang to me. I turned around to realize that they were patting the cake layers. Hard. One was still in pretty good shape. The one that ended up as the top layer was in six pieces with a huge crack down the center.  I used a large amount of frosting to glue it back together. Whenever I worked on the cake, Cam was dipping into the bowl of frosting and eating large gobs off the beater. My frosting cooled and became impossible to spread so I warmed it a tad in the microwave. With the gluing and eating, I ran out of frosting before the sides were covered.  Jennifer made up another batch to finish the job.

We learned not to put too many candles on the cake ten years ago. I bought an eight and a zero, some candles that spell happy birthday. and a few sparkler candles. This was the only photo I got showing the candles.

b1 Birthday Cake

Off it went to the table.

b2 Birthday Cake Aflame

Cam and Owen helped Andy blow out the candles.

b3 Blowing Out the Birthday Candles

It was delicious with all that extra chocolate. The next morning Jennifer complained that Cam was up all night on a sugar high.  She and George were exhausted and sleep deprived.

Andy’s daughter Kathy came to visit for his birthday.  On Monday, when George and Jennifer went to work, we took Kathy to see a bit of downtown Milwaukee. Our first stop was Clock Shadow Cheese Factory. They have a nice tour with a full explanation of cheese making, but the building itself  was more fascinating, by far.

It is an American Institute of Architects Top Ten building. Much (50%, I think) of it is built with recycled materials on an industrial waste site. The awnings over the windows are made from ash trees killed by the Emerald Ash Borer. The siding at street level is made with old pickle barrels. Much of the hardware such as stair railings is made from repurposed plumbing pipes.  They collect rainwater on the roof for flushing the toilets.

b4 Clock Shadow Building Milwaukee

And, there is a garden up there!  With a bee hive.

b5 Rooftop Beehive

This is a community garden used by the building’s tenants.

b6 Rooftop Garden

There is so much more so I’ll just link to something about it. Here.

Our next stop was the Milwaukee Art Museum, my favorite building on the Lake Michigan waterfront. Here, we are approaching from the rooftop plaza of the parking garage across the street.

b7 Milwaukee Art Museum

This is the lake view on the waterfront side.

b8 Lake Michigan Outside Art Gallery

Kathy took a picture of the ceiling, looking back toward the entrance doors.

b Art Gallery Interior

Later, when we were in the galleries looking at the art, we saw that the wings were open atop the Calatrava (the architect)  building.

b Art Gallery Wings Up

There is a lot of art of all genres.  Here is Andy Warhol’s Mao Tse-tung series.  They also have several soup cans.

b9 Andy Warhol's Mao Tse-tung Series

This janitor is a favorite.  I read a fascinating article about preservation efforts. He is life-size and very realistic.

b91 Janitor

Although there are plenty of old masters, there are plenty of strange works of art in the museum.  Some, I suppose, were just made to make me gawk. Here is an odd number. The body is life-size.

b92 Green Woman

Here is another view of the open wings taken as we walked back to the parking garage. The amazing, long white hall to the left of the Calatrava building leads to the galleries. It also houses the temporary exhibits.

B11 Art Gallery Wings 2

We met George and Jennifer, and the boys, at the Creel in Thiensville for dinner. Cam had to stand on the chair to drink out of the straw.

b94 Cam Drinking with Straw