No Work on a Rainy Sunday

No one was working on our OUR house, but we passed several others under construction that did have workers – on Sunday – in the rain.

So here is a picture of the house with no trucks and cars parked in front of it.

The sliding glass door for the master bedroom has not been installed.  It has been a mystery to me why the guy did not install it the day he installed the one in the family room.

The door has been there the whole time, leaning against the bedroom wall.

Today, I solved the mystery.  I noticed this penciled note on the floor in front of the opening.

I studied the opening and then realized that there is not a recess, or a little ledge/step down where the door sits. I remembered watching the man filling in that recess with concrete behind the installed door. I understand why the concrete pourers made the mistake.  The original plans call for two windows on that wall.  We changed it to a sliding door to get more outside inside.

We also added a window in Andy’s office.  Here, he is contemplating his future view.

I spent some time trying to decide what this bird is.  My first thought was Reddish Egret.  But, with yellow legs, he must be a Little Blue Heron.

The one living room window still needs to be installed.  In the meantime, it makes a nice seat.

We were pretty excited that all three Misovec children were coming to see us today and check out the new house.  We waited for them at the Chesapeake Grille on the Village Green, here in the development.

I picked up a pass/key for the amenities (pool, gym, etc) and keys for two other houses just like ours that are completed from the sales office.  After lunch, we toured the amenities, then the completed houses.  Our last stop was the Misovec house.  After a complete tour, Mike spotted the dumpster out front.  He and Kathy are planning to get one to empty things from brother Paul’s house in Orlando.  They decided to measure it so they would have a sense of dumpster sizes.  We got a tape measure out of the car.

That reminded me.  I got this email last night from son-in-love George in Milwaukee, who is a mechanical engineer at Milwaukee tools:

“You didn’t require workers to use Milwaukee tools?  It hurts to see yellow tools building my mother-in-law’s house…”

I mentioned it to the kids.  Kathy decided we should send a picture of us measuring the dumpster with Andy’s Milwaukee Tools measuring tape.


Then, Kathy pointed out that the dumpster was not the most attractive or appropriate thing to measure for a picture to send to George.  The house would be much better.  I took a picture. Note that we also had two Milwaukee Tools, can holders.


Kathy said I needed to be in the picture so Andrew took the next one.


The kids and grandchildren are at Disney this week so we’ll visit with them again soon.

The Sandhill Cranes were standing in the road in front of our RV site.  This one was so close that I hardly had to use any zoom to get a nice crane portrait.