Unwriting, unwriting, and more unwriting!

Editor Patricia is finally getting around to giving me some more feedback.  Big Creek is WAAAAY too long.  I knew that.  Two days ago, Patricia told me to cut 20,000 words.  It’s not really too hard as I had so much material.  It is time consuming though. So that is what I have been working on the past few days.

I am a compulsive volunteer.  At our first Middle Keys Concert Association performance, they announced that they needed a volunteer to help with some record keeping.  It turned out that they needed someone with spreadsheet experience and I am the spreadsheet Queen. It was a perfect match.  The concert, by the way, was The New Xavier Cugat Orchestra. It was a great Latin music performance featuring the music of Cugat and Desi Arnaz.  They even wore those huge frilly sleeves. We were also treated to some Latin dancing. Very sexy.

We have been affected by the great blizzard.  The second week our performers, Trio Solisti, were unable to fly out of New York.  They are fabulous and I am sorry that their schedule will not permit them to appear this year.  All was not lost.  Violinist William Hagen, scheduled for the third week, was already in the south and was able to come a week early.  He played some amazing Mozart, Prokofiev, Tartini/Kreisler, and Ravel.  The whole audience jumped up and cheered when he finished “The Devil’s Trill” and again after “Tzigane”.

We’ve still been taking our walks, which refresh me.  I’ve taken some pictures too. We’ve had some brilliant blue skies obscured by clouds.

b Blue Sky Obscured by Clouds
Blue Sky Obscured by Clouds

We have a lot of cats in the RV park. They stare at us as we walk by.
b Cat 1

I don’t know why I have not taken pictures of them before.

b Cat 2

The hibiscus (or is that hibiscusi? No, it is hibiscuses. I think you can also just say hibiscus.) have burst into bloom again.  Many RVs have some blooming in front of them.

b Pink Hibiscus

I don’t mind the clouds; they keep it cooler for walking.
b Clouds Over Water

One windy day, we had a flock of birds at the end of the canal.  Here are a Great White and a Snowy Egret. I noticed that the Snowy did not chase away his larger cousin.    There were also two pelicans, but their photos did not turn out very well.

b Great Egret and Snowy Egret

We took a short walk at Sombrero Beach the other day.  It was cold and windy.  I was wearing jeans and my new “dark orchid”, fleece-lined, raincoat as a windbreaker.  I could not believe all the people lying on the beach with nothing on but swimsuits. They must have been Canadians or Germans, or English. Those folks are tough.

b Sombrero Beach
Sombrero Beach

We came across a man blowing bubbles with one of those wands made with two sticks and some twine. It was too windy and most of the bubbles burst quickly. This one was huge!!

b Huge Bubble
Huge Soap Bubble

This one stayed together longer.

b Bubble
Soap Bubble

The heron was close to the seawall, so I got a portrait. The float in the background is not so great.

b Tricolored Heron Portrait
Tricolored Heron
b Desert Rose
Desert Rose

Martin and Betsy suggested having lunch at the Marathon Ocean Park.  We ate in this tiki.

b Lunch Tiki
Marathon Ocean Park Picnic Pavilion

I don’t know why I even noticed this iguana basking in the sun near the peak of the roof.

b Iguana on Tiki Roof
Iguana on Tiki Roof

Martin and Betsy posed for a picture for me in a smaller pavilion at the water’s edge. We sat and chatted for a long time and it turned into a very long lunch break.

b Martin and Betsy
Martin and Betsy
b Orchid 2
b Orchid


Meet and Greet Weekend @ DBDO: 1/29/16

This is a great blog where I find new blog posts to follow. And, I post a link to mine, in case anyone wants to see more bird pictures.

Dream Big, Dream Often

dream-big image credit: the love shop

It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at Dream Big!!  I hope everyone’s January has been productive!  Hard to believe it is almost February!

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Maneuvering Trailers in RV Park

Yesterday, Martin called in the morning and invited us to take our walk to their house for some strawberry-rhubarb pie. We left about 10:30 in a strong, cold wind. Martin and Betsy have rented a house just past the grocery store for the winter so it was not a long walk. We had a delightful few hours eating pie and talking.

As we walked back into the RV park we saw a trailer parked along the road.  The pickup truck looked like our neighbor’s across the street.  When we continued down the road we could see an RV blocking the road and some people standing around.  They saw us too and another neighbor, Jim, zipped up in his golf cart to take us home.  They needed us to move our car so they could maneuver the new, huge fifth-wheel trailer into its space.

b New Fifth Wheel Trailer
Parking New Fifth Wheel Trailer in RV Space

Even after I moved the car and the pickup could move into our space, it took a long time to get it lined up just right. The delivery guy was in and out of the truck making adjustments several times. That thing is 41 feet long.

b Fifth Wheel in RV Space
Parking New 41-foot Fifth Wheel in RV Space

The woman was so nervous, she couldn’t watch.  She was was around behind another motorhome and peeking around the corner now and then.

b Nervous Wife
Too Nervous to Watch the New RV Being Maneuvered Into RV Lot

It is not normally a big deal for an RV to move in or out of an RV park but, in Key RV the roads are so narrow that it is a major event.  A crowd usually gathers to observe and assist. I moved our car and they were able to work back and forth a number of times until they got the huge trailer in place.

Most of the RVs in this park are in place permanently.  They even have rooms added on.  The rest, like us, come for the winter. So it was a big surprise today when another trailer came in to replace a motorhome.

b Fifth Wheel Backing in RV Lot
Backing Fifth Wheel Trailer into RV Space

Again, a crowd gathered.

b Spectators Watching Trailer Parking
Spectators Watching Trailer Parking

I picked what may have been my last batch of small tomatoes for our meal today. The sun was coming through the window behind the sink when I washed them in the colander. I loved the sunshine on the tomatoes and turning the colander red, so I got the camera to record it. The tomatoes themselves were a little washed out.

b Tomatoes in Colander
Tomatoes in Colander

Here is a closer look at the little red, orange, and yellow jewels.

b Closeup of Tomatoes in Colander
Closeup of Tomatoes in Colander

My favorite thing to do with these little tomatoes is make a salad with them, mini mozzeralla balls, finely chopped sweet onion, small cucumbers sliced, a lot of basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Plus a sprinkle of salt and pepper. I served it over a bed of Romaine.  This picture does not have the balsamic on it.  Andy doesn’t like it so I pour it onto mine after serving.

b Tomato Salad
Small Tomato Salad

We lost our internet connection again, so I spent entirely too much time messing with that today. Even so, we did get in our walking miles. Here is a sight I had not seen before. The Snowy Egret was roosting on the float at the entrance to our canal.

b Snowy Egret Roosting on Float
Snowy Egret Roosting on Float

While I was taking pictures, the egret took off and flew across the canal to chase the Tricolor Heron off the rocks.  The heron moved to the outboard motor on a boat in the canal.

b Tricolor Heron on Outboard Engine
Tricolor Heron on Outboard Engine

On another walk around the park, we went to the picnic area on the far side of the canal for a better look at the birds on the flats at low tide. This Great Blue Heron had a fish.  It would not stand still to pose for me because several other herons wanted that fish too. So it is a little fuzzy.

b Blue Heron with Fish
Blue Heron with Fish

These Great White Egrets were performing a synchronized fishing routine. I took several pictures and they were always in matching poses.

b Two Great White Egrets Fishing
Two Great White Egrets Fishing

The Tricolor Heron flew past us and landed in the mush by the mangrove roots.

b Tricolor Heron in Mangrove Roots
Tricolor Heron Among Mangrove Roots

Activity Tracker Encourages Walking

I have been wearing pedometers for more than ten years and was happy with them, except for their short life span. I didn’t see the need for anything fancier.  But, now I have to admit that we are walking a lot more with the activity trackers.  If I have been sitting at the computer for too long, the wristband buzzes and tells me to move. Then we go out and take a walk.  Another change that has made it easier is to take more, shorter walks rather than do it all at once. In the past, something (hips, knees, or back) would be hurting after four or five miles. In the last three days, we have covered over five miles and nothing hurts. It helps that we are about a mile from the grocery store and our mailbox at the UPS store.  That racks up two miles. Even taking the trash out makes for a good walk.

Speaking of trash, Cuppy, the snowman, traveled to the dumpster last week. I hated to throw him away, but there is no place to store him.  So I stood him atop my granny cart and off we went.

b Cuppy Goes to the Dumpster
Cuppy, the Snowman, Goes to the Dumpster

We have had a lot of rain and clouds over the past week or so.  It has been cold and windy too. Often, there is a strip of bright blue/green on the horizon when it is cloudy.  Sometimes wider, but usually narrow like in this picture. It might be the edge of the shallow water and grass.

b Stripe on Horizon
Blue/Green Stripe on Horizon

A Snowy Egret and a Tricolor Heron have been hanging around the end of our canal for the past few days. They like to stand on the yellow floats to fish or sleep.  Several times, they have squabbled over territory.  Other times they have been close together  peacefully.

The Snowy Egret is distinguished by his yellow feet and the yellow patch at the base of the bill.  The backs of his legs are also yellow.

b Snowy Egret
Snowy Egret

After this morning’s squabble, the heron moved to the mangrove roots across the canal.  It was there again when we took a late-afternoon walk.

b Tricolor Heron in Mangroves
Tricolor Heron on Mangrove Roots

Frank Wilmer

Somehow, the pictures on the camera had not been downloaded since January 4.  I’m really out of my rhythm.  I downloaded them this morning and decided to make a blog full tonight.  But I got sad news from my friend Jane earlier today and my mood has changed.  Her husband Frank died suddenly on Friday morning.

Here is one to look at while thinking about Frank. This morning’s sunrise.

b Sunrise Marathon Florida

We have known Frank and Jane for some years now and are good friends.  I won’t say closest, oldest, or dearest friends because we don’t see them very often,  but really enjoy their company when we do.

Frank was such a comfortable guy to be around. A large man, he was mild-mannered and soft spoken, and always had something interesting to say. He never ceased to surprise me with some story about his life, an adventure or event that made me envious.

The children and Frank’s sister came to town.  Jane said that their neighbors are all being very supportive.  We’ll pay a visit when the hub-bub has ended. There is nothing for me to do for her. It makes me feel helpless.

After getting the news, Andy and I went about our business, eating lunch, running errands.  We were a bit subdued, not talking much, but carrying on the conversation about Frank in bits and pieces throughout the day. We have lost a friend.

Videos on You Tube

My sister Barbara will not give up.  She wanted to see a video.  When we talked on the phone yesterday, she said for me to post the video to YouTube and then link to it from my blog. I just learned how to do that in Blogging 101, so now there is no escaping the embarrassment.  I may as well post it and get it over with.

My first song was You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man

Dominique, my neighbor got Coal Miner’s Daughter in two separate clips, so here is the first part.

Now, let this be the end of Morticia sings Loretta Lynn. No wonder my blonde was sticking out the front.  That wig was sliding off the back.