Wisconsin Dells

I had never heard of the Wisconsin Dells before Jennifer moved to Wisconsin. A few years back, we passed it on the way somewhere else and I learned that it is a very popular vacation destination. We had planned to take grandsons, Owen and Cam, there for two nights. Fortunately, Jennifer suggested that it might be better if she came along too. Thank God she was there. The boys (five and seven now) were wild with excitement.

The Wisconsin Dells have long been a place that attracted tourists. It is a scenic section of the Wisconsin River, which flows into the Mississippi River. Like so many other beautiful natural places, it has since turned into a tourist town with “attractions”. The main attraction here is waterparks. They bill themselves as the waterpark capital of the world, and I believe it. of course, we brought the boys for the waterparks. Our resort had three or four on the property. The water slides were huge. See the person dropping down the blue pipe!

I almost missed this person zooming through a huge loop.

There are also indoor water parks. This is Wisconsin after all.

Lazy River

Andy and I did not participate in much water sliding. Jennifer took care of that. We took a boat ride to see the natural wonder that made this area famous.

Andy and I sat on top in the front row (starboard side) and we had no sooner left the dock that the captain pointed out an eagle sitting in a shoreside tree.

I think these two rocks are called the gateway to the dells.

This feature is called a stack of pancakes.

The boat went behind an island through a passage barely wider than the boat itself. The water was deep.

The cliffs are riddled with small holes. The tour guide said that they all have swallow nests in them in the spring.

Here, the boat is entering “Witch’s Gulch”. The captain ran the boat up onto the sand before coming alongside the pier.

The gulch had a boardwalk through it, sometimes beside and often over the creek.

There is a concession stand with restrooms at the end of the boardwalk.

I got a kick out of the attendant’s teeshirt.

This spot, with the hole behind a rock post, was called witch’s window.

Our next stop was Stand Rock. The pilings on the pier were not heavy duty.

Stand Rock was rather impressive on its own. But, apparently, what makes it famous is the jumping dog. After the tour guide gave a talk about the history, another woman with a German shepherd appeared on the to of the bluff.

I didn’t catch him midway between but was happy to capture the leap at all.

The trail led through another gift shop concession stand. It was a pretty walk back down to the boat.