August 29, 2019 – Gill’s By The Bay

This was an errand day. The highlight, though, was going to Gill’s By The Bay for lunch with Christopher. This place is south of Eureka on the waterfront and close to the ocean inlet to Humboldt Bay.

The deck umbrellas are so colorful, it felt like a party.

We sat in the corner, by the entrance. The view toward the ocean was not so great. There was a perfect red rose just off the deck. That is Andy’s finger pointing at you there.

The view to the south was very nice. The low land behind the palm tree is the southern spit on the south side of the inlet.

It was a perfect day for sitting outside and eating lunch.

When we finished lunch, I walked to the edge of the parking lot to take a better picture of the south spit. It is about three miles long.

The view toward the northwest and the inlet is blocked by a long breakwater.

Then we were off for some more errands.