A Little More Weird

I got this email today, in response to my last post:

Hi Dinata,

I don’t know if you remember me but I was the one that gave you a tour of the Rialto Theatre, in Joliet, IL, when you were passing thru on your boat down the canal.  Well anyway I just read your weird Mystery story. and thought of my weird story.

I received a email from a old neighbor that wanted to let me know that they were selling slides of me and my family from 40 to 60 years ago on ebay and were asking $5.00 to $10.00 for each slide.  Very weird seeing pictures of myself being sold on ebay!  We contacted the name that was selling them. He had no idea where they came from but goes around buying old slides from estates sales. But he made comments of the year they were taken and the town they were in. Never followed up on it after that. And now they are off the ebay site.  Just wanted to share my weird mystery story!

Just wanted to let you know I do read all your email you send out. You and Andy have chosen a very interesting life style. We were in Marco Island, Fl last month visiting my brother for 10 days. Wanted to drive down to the keys and I thought of you.  Did not make the trip but maybe one day. Hope everything is going well with you both.

Cindy Sellers

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