September 04, 2015 – Ogallala, Nebraska

Friday, September 04, 2015- Council Bluffs, Iowa to Ogallala, Nebraska (329 miles)

You may notice that today’s log has more details than the past few days.  I had lost my voice recorder. Shortly after we arrived at grandson’s house, Cam found it next to my driver’s seat, turned it on, and began talking to me (he thought it was a cell phone).  We go it away from him and I hid it.  Mostly from myself as it turns out, but I found it last night.  Today I took notes. This evening, when I sat down to write the log, the first message was Cam saying, “Momo Momo, Momo……..and Jennifer saying, “Let’s give it to Baba”. It took a few minutes and she finally got him to hand it to me, then I said, “Thank you!” I’ll just have to keep that recording on there for a while.

We ate breakfast in the Cracker Barrel and got underway at 0811. We had to wait for a long freight train to pass before we could get back on the interstate.  When we turned out of the street, I noticed that the train had stopped, somewhere up in the distance, and the last car was just barely past the street where we were sitting.

We crossed the Missouri River just a few minutes after getting back on I-80. The Welcome to Omaha sign has a very impressive train display right next to the interstate.  It is the first thing that I remember having seen before since we got on I-80. I didn’t get a picture; I found this one with Google Images.

b Welcome to Omaha Trains

Omaha is a sprawling city spread over a number of valleys. We did not stop to eat a steak this time. We passed the Sapp Brothers truck stop with a coffee pot water tower.  Again, a picture found with Google. (When I Googled that, I got all kinds of water towers!)

b Sapp Brothers Water Tower

The city went on for miles and miles, then, abruptly, the scenery turned to countryside.  It was beautiful rolling hills covered with corn and beans. Andy was having a bad morning; everything was going bad for him.  The last straw was when he could not find the phone.  I pulled into a rest stop so we could look for it.  Andy found it on top of my computer, on the bed where I stow it when we are underway.  I have no idea how it got there.

Shortly after we took off, I spotted this amazing building high on a hill.  Of course I Googled that tonight too.  It is the Holy Family Shrine in Gretna, Nebraska.

b NEGREshrine_3742

I  also found a photo of the interior.

b holy-family-shrine

Here is a night shot.

b SHRINE-ex.4_0

I wish we were not in a hurry so I could take my own pictures.

It started raining somewhere around Lincoln, Nebraska. By the time it stopped, all the dead bugs were washed off the windshield. God does windows.

I have been thinking about the best pants for driving for some time now.  Maybe years.  Now I have come to the conclusion that knee-length pants are best.  Long pants, especially jeans, tug at the knees after a while.  Shorts leave thighs exposed to the seat to stick or sweat.  Why is it that the same pair of pants is perfectly comfortable one day and torture the next, on the same seat?  Is this just me?  Today, it felt as though the elastic leg hole in my underwear and a seam on my pants had joined up to make me miserable. Did I approach the seat wrong?  I raised my butt off the seat and tugged at my pants.  Much better.  Then, some minutes later, folded up fabric was cutting into my groin.  Butt up again.  I twisted the pants leg and found relief. Not half an hour later, the outside of my thigh felt as though it was being pinched.  I squirmed in the seat a bit. No help. I didn’t have any problems after lunch.

Lunch was at a rest stop, and a very nice one. All the Nebraska rest stops have these walled picnic pavilions. Ours was overlooking a pond.

b Picnic Pavilion at Rest Stop

b Lunch Spot at Rest Stop

It didn’t take us long to figure out that the design was to block the WIND. We ate overlooking the pond and a floating sculpture.

b Floating Sculpture at I-80 Rest Stop

A friendly man stopped and talked to us.  He told us the sculpture was supposed to represent the wind.  I would think a wind sculpture would move.  It reminded me of a waterlily.

We crossed the Platte River just outside Omaha.  Then, at Grand Island, I-80 follows the Platte across the state.  We crossed it dozens of times and often ran alongside.

Kearney, Nebraska is the Sandhill Crane Capital of the world. They migrate through seasonally in the thousands, if not millions.

We crossed into the Mountain Time Zone at 1515 Central Time. The GPS announced it and then a couple miles later, we saw a road sign.

We arrived at the Sleepy Sunflower RV park in Ogallala at 1548 (Central).  It is alongside the interstate, but we are not as close to it as we were last night. I can’t say much for it as a destination, but all we wanted was a full hookup so we could use air conditioning and I could do some laundry. The good thing about this park is that it is cheap, $17.66 with our Passport America membership. He is Sao hooked up for the night.

b Sao in Ogallala NE

They have teepees for rent here.

b Teepee for Rent

I started laundry as soon as I took a couple pictures of our surroundings.

2 thoughts on “September 04, 2015 – Ogallala, Nebraska

  1. Cecilia September 5, 2015 / 4:35 pm

    So beautiful 😋


    • Dinata Misovec September 5, 2015 / 8:30 pm

      Thank you, I hope you will sign up to follow my trip to Utah and the national parks at
      I will follow your blog too!


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