September 19, 2015 – Zion National Park

Today, we took the park shuttle bus into the park, the canyon that we have not seen before. We went to the last bus stop and walked the River Trail to the end.


b1 Rocks

The wall along the river trail has hanging gardens.  Some spots are quite lush.

b2 Hanging Garden

Andy and I got a kick out of this nose shaped rock formation.  Water was dripping out all around the bottom.  Andy said he could relate to that.

b3 Runny Nose Rock

We did not elect to walk up the river past the trail’s end.  It was too cold.

b4 End of Sidewalk in Narrows

The crowds were arriving as we headed back out.

b5 Walkway to Narrows

b9 Zion Canyon

Christopher opened a bag of wasabi peas and this squirrel ran right up to him for some.  Christopher did not feed the wildlife though. We saw a number of squirrels along the trail (all fat). At one point the trail was blocked with people taking pictures of one.  Andy noted, “Squirrel jam!”

b6 Fat Squirrel

The canyon is narrow enough that you see mountain tops out of the top of the bus.

b7 Peak Through Bus Roof

b8 Cliff

Ranger House


This wind sculpture is outside the Thai restaurant were we met Bonnie and Ed Grafton for lunch. Two wheels of leaves spin in the wind and I was mesmerized.

b11 Wind Toy

Bonnie is a bird expert at the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab. Lunch was fabulous and a good time with friends.

b12 Bonnie, Ed Grafton, Andy

Another ranger house.

b13 Ranger House

We drove back up the mountain and through the tunnel in the afternoon.  This is the only tunnel I have ever seen with windows.  They were put there to get fresh air in the mile-long tunnel. There are no lights in the tunnel either.

b14 Window in Tunnel

b15 Rock Dollop

b16 Above Tunnel

This is a larger, but shorter tunnel.  Still no lights.

b17 Small Tunnel

The scenery above the tunnel is strange and beautiful.

b18 Pink Slope

b19 Christopher on Rocks

b20 Oozing Rock

This is called the Checkerboard Mesa, but my picture does not show it off to its best.

b21 Checkerboard Mesa

b22 Rocks

b23 Big Horn Sheep

Out hiking destination was that hoodoo in the center of the picture. It is farther than it looks.

b24 Hoo Doos on Slope

b25 Crossing Wash

b26 Walking up Rock Slope

b27 Mud Dollop

b28 Almost to Hoo Doo

b28 Christopher and Hoo Doo

b29 Christopher on Hoo Doo

b30 Swirls of Pink

b31 Rpcl

This tree was lit up by the afternoon sun as we headed back down into the canyon.

b32 Tree on Curve

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