October 1, 2015 – Alleyton, TX to Breaux Bridge, LA

Another travel day.  We left Happy Oaks RV in Alleyton at 0906. We made several stops, which made for a long day.

I noticed that the state has put large barrels across the impromptu ramps people have made across the shoulder to get on and off the interstate. It didn’t work.  People just drive around the barrels.

I can tell you this:  If you have not been to Houston, you have not seen urban sprawl. We were probably more than an hour west of Houston when the traffic became very heavy.  Lanes appeared and disappeared at an alarming rate.  Some drivers were driving like crazed city drivers in a hurry, risking their life and limb to change lanes. Most were courteous though, and moved over or slowed down for me to change lanes when I needed to. The interstate was lined with shopping centers, hotels, fuel stations, and everything else imaginable for hours.

Andy wanted to stop in Camping World to get some new windshield wipers.  I was all for that except that we went around in circles trying to get to t.  The store manager came out to help us install them.  He and Andy took them on and off several times before they were satisfied that the wipers were clicked in.  Then Andy wanted to look at some motorhomes. I did not see anything that I like better than what we already have.

We stopped for some Texas barbecue (before we were out of the state) at Bar H in Beaumont.  It was a gas station/convenience store with a dozen tables.  The brisket was wonderful and we were glad we stopped there.

The last exit in Texas was right at the border. It was Exit 880.  So, Texas in 880 miles wide, as measured by I-10. We crossed into Louisiana at 1420.

We made a fuel stop.  Andy always likes to top off the fuel at half a tank.  I’m not sure why, except that the gauge drops very fast once it gets below one half.

We stopped at Walmart in Lafayette, Louisiana for orange juice, oranges, and bananas.

Then we got to Poches RV Park and Fish Camp in Breaux Bridge, LA at 1737, after 303 miles. We made so many turns to get here after we got off I-10.  The woman gave us a map to find our way back to the interstate.

The RV park is very nice.  It has four or five lakes surrounded by RV sites. We took a walk around as soon as we set up. Here is our site in a corner of the rectangular lake. It is the longest RV site I have ever seen, twice as long as Sao and the car.  All the lakes are rectangles and I am wondering if they were previously rice paddies.

b Sao in Breaux Bridge

When we got to the far side of our lake, I took a picture of Sao across the water.

b Our Spot Across Lake

This egret and heron were on the next lake over. I don’t usually get more than one of these at a time. They were communicating with each other, not unfriendly, but not buddies either.

b1 Egret and Heron

The egret walked across the road, which made for another unusual shot for me.  A white bird on a black background.

b Egret on Asphalt

We found a porch swing and sat to watch the sun set.

b Sunset From Swing

It was almost gone when I took this reflection on our lake.

b Sunset on Lake

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