October 4, 2015 – Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, Santa Rosa Island, FL

We spent two nights in Milton, waiting for a vacancy in the state park.  I did several loads of laundry, cooked and cleaned, entered receipts in Quicken, etc., etc. We did not go anywhere.

We got underway this morning at 1007 and headed straight down to the coast and followed the beach to Topsail Hill Preserve State Park on Santa Rosa Island. Traffic was very heavy in Destin because they were having their seafood festival this weekend. We got to the state park about 1145 after driving 38 miles.

The park is beautiful. Here is Sao in our site.

b Sao in Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

And, this is the view out our front window:

b View Forward

The park has a tram that takes people from the parking lot at the entrance, and campers from the campground to the beach.  No vehicles are allowed down the road to the beach.  We decided to walk to the beach to get our exercise. It goes through a pine scrub forest. Most people here brought their bikes to get to and from the beach. I couldn’t tell from the campground map how far it would be.

You know how it always seems longer going somewhere new than it does coming back? This road seemed forever.

b Road to Beach

And then, when we would turn a bend, there would be more curves in the road ahead. It was a pretty walk though.

b S Curve on Road to Beach

When we finally got to the boardwalk to the beach, my pedometer said we only walked 1.3 miles. Then, we crossed the dunes on an extra-long boardwalk. This is not half of it.

b Boardwalk to Beach

There were only a few people on the beach, mostly close to the boardwalk. The sand is very white and we even got a little streak of blue sky. We took a walk on the beach.  There are high rise building at each end of the park.

b Some Blue Sky

Here is Andy in his natural habitat.

b Andy on Beach

Someone lost their beach ball up in the dunes, but honored the “Do Not Walk on Dunes” signs and left it there.

b Beach Ball on Dune

We met two little crabs on the beach.  They were just about invisible in the white sand. Andy calls them ghost crabs.

b White Crab 1
b White Crab on White Sand

After we got back to the beach entrance, Andy saw this bench and decided to sit a spell. I enjoyed listening to the two girls talking on the next bench. They were about 10, 11, 12, or 13. The younger one said, “It annoys me that we have to go to school.  Why can’t we just be born smart?

The bench was so tall that our feet did not touch the sand.  I suppose some sand has been washed away.

b Andy on Bench

I studied the vines creeping across the sand. I thought they had a lot of yellow flowers on them.

b Beach Vines

But, on closer inspection, I realized that they were leaves.

b Red Vine Yellow Leaf

Then I found some flowers.  They are called Beach Morning Glories or Railroad Vine.
b Beach Morning Glory or Railroad Vine

The streak of blue sky closed up while we sat on the bench. Then it turned cooler, so we decided to walk back home.

b Sun Coming Through Clouds

There were a lot of these things along the road, in large patches.

b White Stuff on Ground

I picked two up that were not attached to the ground.  I didn’t think to look up to see if they had fallen from the trees. They are hard, but not brittle.  A Google search did not turn them up.

b White Stuff


There were a number of new-to-me plants along the road.  Here are two.

b Orange Flowers

b Purple Flowers

2 thoughts on “October 4, 2015 – Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, Santa Rosa Island, FL

  1. Debbie October 5, 2015 / 1:15 am

    What a beautiful park!


    • Dinata Misovec October 5, 2015 / 3:40 am

      State parks are always good and much better than commercial RV parks.


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