October 9, 2015 – Lake City, Florida

We took a re-positioning drive today. Since it is a holiday weekend, we find ourselves in an RV park next to the interstate.  But hey, it only costs $25 per night. Lake City RV Resort has recently changed hands and they are offering a special low price while they re-do the park.

As we were preparing to take off, Andy put last year’s road atlas on the picnic table.  He said he was going to leave it for the next person. I suggested that he could put it in an RV park exchange library, but he was intent on passing it on to another camper at the park.

We got underway at 0904 and followed the beach road east through Seaside and Seagrove, and the very fancy schmancy Watercolor Inn & Resort. It looked like a fun place to wander around. Andy had some route picked out that would take us zigging and zagging through the Florida panhandle before getting on I-10 to continue east. Just as we passed the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (35 MILES from Grayton Beach State Park!!!) a car came alongside honking the horn.  Uh oh, What’s wrong now? When they got next to me, I saw the road atlas held up in their passenger window!  They pulled in front of me and stopped.  I stopped.  The driver, our neighbor back at Grayton Beach, ran back to hand me the road atlas. I wasn’t going to tell him Andy had left it there on purpose.  “Oh, my gosh! Thank you!  You shouldn’t have!”  He said he was taking his friend to the airport and realized they were behind us. He ran back to his car, made a U-turn to go into the airport and we burst into hysterical laughter. Later in the day, Andy left the road atlas at a rest stop on I-10.

This part of Florida is very rural and has a lot of forests, including the Apalachicola National Forest.  I called them tree ranches.  We saw a few scattered houses and a couple small towns before we got on I-10 near Tallahassee.

We got to Lake City RV Resort at 1515 Central time. We had crossed into the Eastern time zone when we crossed the Apalachicola River. The RV “resort” is really the kind of place along the interstate where you would stop for the night. It is nice enough, but the spaces are very narrow, which does not add to the resort aura. We are very close to the interstate.

b I-10

There are not very many other RVs here. This is our view out the front window.

b View Out Front Window

And, lastly, here is Sao settled in for the weekend.

b Sao in Lake City FL

I looked on Trip Advisor and could not find much to commend Lake City.  They do have a small historical museum.  We plan to check out several of the state parks in the area.  Stay tuned.


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