Christmas Present – The Prince and the Frog

I forgot to mention the nice Christmas present I received from my son-in-love George when we were in Coral Gables. Well, I did’t really forget; I just wanted to study it before posting it. It’s a book.

b01 The Prince and the Frog

Notice the house with chicken feet on the cover.  That’s Baba Yaga’s house. If you are not familiar with Baba Yaga, Wikipedia has a nice description. She is a figure in Slavic folklore, commonly, a witch, but often a counselor. I believe she has also been known to eat children.

When Owen was born, George pronounced me Baba Yaga, because my house (or motorhome) moves, but not on chicken legs. I am also known to nibble on babies fingers and toes. So my grandsons call me Baba Yaga.  Well Owen does.  Cam says Baba Waga.

b02 Title Page

Here is a closer look at he title page.

b03 Close Up Told by George Barton

It is a nice fairy tale with a prince and a princess disguised as a frog.  I won’t go into the story, but Prince Ivan came upon Baba Yaga’s hut in the forest and sought her counsel in finding his frog/wife.

The last line is my favorite.

b04 Happily Ever After

They lived happily ever after…and Baba Yaga visited them every summer….

I do visit the grandsons every summer.  We park Baba Yaga’s bus in the driveway for a month


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