May 07, 2016 – Spence’s Monday

Maintenance man Spence returned to work today, after his Thursday-Friday weekend.  He stopped by Sao to say hello and get a cup of coffee, complaining that his coffee maker had died.  It was good to see him again. When we last saw him, he was in the midst of a feud with his sisters over the family farm after their father had died.  All that is settled now.

We took several walks around the tent and horse camps. It was cold in the morning, but turned quite nice in the afternoon with temperatures in the 60s. Big Creek is beautiful in the sunshine. These two little waterfalls are next to the tent campground.

b Waterfalls by Campground
Waterfalls by Campground

You can’t tell from the picture, but Big Creek is loud with higher than normal water.

b Big Creek
Big Creek

Spence returned to eat his lunch at our picnic table and I gave him a bowl of my chicken noodle soup and we ate with him. I brought out the camera and took a few pictures and he complained that I should take pictures of him when he is working.

b Robert Spence
Robert Spence


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