May 12, 2016 – Rain in Big Creek

Andy was anxious to get to Walmart to buy a phone and started asking me if I was ready to go about the time I started my breakfast. We planned to leave after our morning campground walk-around. We did take time to check the water level in the creek. There was a dry spot on the rock ledge under the bridge.  This fish has been hovering over the same rock for three days now. Usually, the water is flowing smoothly over this spot and it is easy to see the fish.  Today I took between ten and twenty pictures and only one turned out well enough to give you a chance of seeing it over the large dark-brown spot in the center of the picture.

b Fish Hovering Above Brown Rock
Fish Hovering Above Brown Rock

So, we went to Walmart and bought a prepaid AT&T phone.  That seems to be the one that gets the best signal here. Of course, when we got back home I had to charge it up.

We went back to the Bean Trees café for a cup of coffee and a good cell signal for the pre-planned three o’clock conference call with the publishers. I was ready with my coffee, note pad, and pen but, the phone did not ring. We waited a bit and tried to call Patricia – no answer.  We waited a while and gave up.  Andy was paying for the coffee when she returned my call. George was not available so she forgot about the call. What a ditz. I chatted a bit with her about the book and then we went back home frustrated.

There was a ranger truck parked along the road at the intersection at the entrance to Big Creek. The ranger was talking to the man who lives down there.  I glanced and thought it might be Heath.  Andy said it was not so I drove on.  Later, I heard dispatch call ranger Heath and asked him to go check the creek at Cosby.  We were having heavy rain.  Heath said he was on his way to Cosby on Rt. 32.  That was Heath.  I was so disappointed that we missed him

The new phone was charged but, I could not set it up because I did not have internet access.  We’ll have to make another trip to the library or Bean Trees.

I rained most of the day, sometimes very hard. It was raining when we made an afternoon walk to the campground. I saw an interesting sight in the parking lot. That post has had a flower  on top of it for days.  Maybe it was left there from a mother’s day bouquet.  The flower was wilted and flat yesterday.

b Flower on Post
Flower on Post

Today, after plenty of rain, it was revived and perked back up.

b Flower on Post 2
Revived Flower on Post

It is funny how the rain does not show up in pictures. I was under my big umbrella when I took these.

b Walking to Campground in the Rain
Walking to Campground in the Rain

Dinner was cooking in Site 6, but I could not see what it was under the foil pan.  There was a nice hot fire under it despite the rain.  The camper was hiding in his tent. We did not see another soul.

b Cooking Dinner in the Rain
Cooking Dinner in the Rain

I enjoy watching the greenery overtaking the boulders in the woods.  This one is alongside the campground road.

b Greenery Overtaking Boulder
Greenery Overtaking Boulder

This picture looks a bit more like rain since you can see the muddy stream flowing down the road.  Also, that is not fog in the background; it is rain.

b Andy Walking to RV in Rain
Andy Walking to Camp Host Site in the Rain


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