August 31 – Georgetown, Kentucky to Newport, Tennessee (233 miles)

Since we had a short travel day planned, Andy did not wake me up this morning. I think I slept until nine.  That is two long nights in a row.  I’ve not been sleeping well this past week. Little Cam had a green snotty upper lip so I’m guessing I got something from him along with those juicy kisses. Now I have a sinus headache, sneezes, coughs, sore throat, and that achy all over feeling.  It was worth it.

We pulled out of our site at 1058 and traveled on the interstates all day. Interstate 75 through Kentucky is through very rough country.  I think they are called the Cumberland Mountains, but they are hundreds (maybe thousands) of big hills. I want to explore it some more, off the interstate.

We got to Tana-See RV park in Newport, Tennessee at 5:13. We were shocked and shaken to discover that one of the yellow straps, that holds a car wheel onto the tow dolly, was off!  Andy was sure it was on the tire when we got fuel shortly before got here.

Our new neighbor, Lee, helped us move the dolly to the back of our site after we unloaded the car.  It was tough to move in the deep gravel.

I forgot to take any pictures of our new surroundings today.

2 thoughts on “August 31 – Georgetown, Kentucky to Newport, Tennessee (233 miles)

  1. JR Smullen September 1, 2016 / 9:39 am

    Hello Dinata,

    Call it timing or fate or whatever, but when you posted the picture of the new car the other day (sitting on the tow dolly) I kinda shook my head a little bit. It just seemed that the “tow dolly” approach was an engineers worst nightmare. Just too many things to go wrong and too complex an operation. I might not say this if my next door neighbor wasn’t an RV’er with a similar set of circumstances. Their RV is very similar to yours and they have a small car that they tow behind, like most folks. Their car is small Ford Hybrid that is about the same size as yours. One day Ed asked me to come over and help him with some electrical wiring for the car/RV setup. He had changed from the tow dolly to a direct connection between the front frame of his Ford and the hitch on his RV. There is actually a “receiver” on the car that is almost flush with the front grill that accepts a tow bar that goes between the RV and the receiver. It does require the car to be tow-able with all four wheels on the ground, but would bet most vehicles are that way today. If you are interested in knowing more I will see if I can get some pictures from Ed and Joy… I know they probably have thousands 🙂 .

    JR & Peg


    • Dinata Misovec September 1, 2016 / 7:13 pm

      Funny you should say so. Our new neighbor here said he just bought a car that can be flat towed and is selling his dolly. Other RV friends swear by the tow dolly route. I guess it is too late for us now; we have already bought the car and the tow dolly. So far, before anything has gone wrong, I like it. It is much easier to connect to the motorhome since it has a built-in automatic brake and I don’t have to struggle to put one in the car. The RAV4 cannot be flat towed as it has front-wheel drive and those front wheels must be off the road.

      Nice to hear from you, buy the way. We think of you every time we use those radios, which is whenever we move.


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