New Car, Big Creek, and C-diff

On Monday we visited a Jeep dealer and a Toyota dealer.  It took all day.  I had never driven a Jeep before and really liked it.  Andy was happy that he could get in and out easily. I drove the Toyota RAV4 and liked it better.  We decided to buy it. However, it was late in the day and we had to return on Tuesday to do the paperwork process, which took two-and-a-half hours. I shed a little tear on the way there because I love the little red Ford Focus and was sad to part with it. Andy is thrilled that he can get in and out without knee pain.  On Wednesday, we went shopping for a tow dolly.  That took half the day. I just realized that I have not taken a picture of the car.

I think we are getting close to having a book.  The interior designer is working on it this week.  I have finished up the dedication, acknowledgements, chapter titles, and back cover text.

I called the gastroenterologist office last week to complain that I was getting worse again. They decided to do another stool analysis.  It turned out negative for anything else. I reverted back to the 250-milligrams of Vancomycin four times a day, stopped taking the Metronidazole,  and have an appointment for Monday with the doctor. We heard an interesting interview on National Public Radio by Terri Gross of Fresh Air.  She interviewed Ed Yong, author of I Contain Multitudes. They talked about the microbes in our gut, including C-diff.  Yong said that our understanding of what microbes do is still in its infancy.  I have been taking pro-biotics and guzzling kefir and now I learn that we don’t know what individual microbes to well enough to definitively say the probiotics we take are doing us any good. It’s no wonder I’m regaining my weight, that kefir has a lot of calories in it.




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