On the Road Again!

We left Marathon this morning and are headed back to Big Creek. Of course, we are making our usual stop at Alliance Coach in Wildwood to get stuff fixed.  Our list is short this time, so I hope it will not take much time.

It was a long day. Mary and Bill Snow stopped in early.  Bill supervised, or helped (I wasn’t watching), Andy grease the tow-dolly wheels.  It is amazing how rusty and corroded it is after sitting in the salty swamp for a few months.  Not really in the swamp, but next to it. Neighbors, Dominique and Giraldo came out to watch/help too. He and Bill secured the car to the dolly with the tie-down straps.  They got them so tight, tighter than they have ever been.  The car could not wiggle.  We were less than two hours late getting underway – not bad.

When we got to Alliance, we spent about an hour trying to get those tie-down straps off.  We must disconnect the car here so we can back into a parking space. It was a long day, all on the Florida Turnpike after we got to the mainland.  I suppose it was a good trip; we had good weather and no bad traffic.  And…nothing broke along the way.

We are due to be in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on May 1.  It is only two days from here so we should have plenty of time.

I’ll take some pictures tomorrow.


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