In the Shop Again

Our list of repairs is short this time so we don’t expect it to take very long.  However, I have been wrong with this assumption before. Our new service advisor, Robbie, said they would take the motorhome into the shop after lunch. I had our lunch dishes washed when Dave, the mechanic, arrived.

Here is an all-too-familiar scene.

This is our view into the garage bay.

We had a bit of oil on the car when we drove up here so Andy wanted them to check for an oil leak.  You may recall that we had an oil filter disaster last fall on our way south.  It was not screwed on properly, came loose, and spewed oil all over everything.  A trucker and the fuel stop pointed out the dripping oil to us.  When we got here to Alliance, they changed the oil and filter, and cleaned up the mess in the engine compartment.

The mechanics decided that we just had some residual oil that was not cleaned out last fall.  They cleaned the engine compartment, as best they could, so they could see and make sure there was not an oil leak.  This big truck, with a big pressure washer and a huge water tank pulled up behind Sao.


Mechanic Dave washed it from underneath and then from the back.

Now the engine is clean enough to determine whether any oil is leaking. (No sign yet.)

The other problem we had last fall, after we left Alliance and drove back to the keys, was lights.  We got a late start and had a lot of traffic so it was dark by the time we reached the 18-mile-stretch from the mainland to Key Largo.  The dash lights and headlights were not working!  I turned on the emergency flashers, hoping to prevent someone from running into us.

Dave opened up the dash panel and tried to figure out what was wrong. He determined that the light switch had failed and replaced it.

While he was working on that, a warning beep came on.  That was the annoying beep that drove me half-way crazy on the road last year.  Nothing seemed to be wrong, but the beep went on for hours.  I told him Kevin had worked on it last fall, so he called Kevin to come over to help with his analysis.  Here they are, deep in thought.



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