No Work on Sunday

It is time to get a new vacuum cleaner to replace the one I drowned.  The entrance steps and carpet are getting pretty scuzzy. And, since we were going out anyway, we decided to go by the house.  We were not expecting them to have worked today, but I don’t want to miss a day of pictures if for no other reason than to show that nothing changed. Everything looks the same as it did yesterday, without the rain.

Five Sandhill Cranes were roaming about on the golf course.  We stood and watched them for a bit and then, one of them let out a huge warning squawk.  They all flew away but they didn’t go far.

I had a blonde moment today.  I wrote down the name and model number of the hand-held vacuum I wanted to get.  When we got to Target, they didn’t have it.  We tried Home Depot and then another Target.  When we got back home I checked the Consumer’s Report article.  I had written the model down incorrectly.  We had seen it in the store and rejected it.  Andy said we are going back tomorrow to get it.  Oh, duh!



Half the Exterior Walls Are Done

We worked in the motorhome all morning. Then I put Andy in a really good mood by serving him spaghetti for lunch. The weather was dramatic for the third day in a row.  Huge billowing clouds rolled in, the wind picked up, and lightning flashed.  Today was different from the past two; we actually got rain today.

We met some neighbors yesterday who told us that it is common for the work to continue on the weekends.  So, when the rain eased up after lunch, we headed over to have a look. Indeed, they had been working this morning.  The exterior walls on the right side of the house were complete.

We finally figured out what those shiny steel beams are for: lintels!

Here is a look at the finished side, from the outside. That power line tower looks so prominent from this angle.  From the house, I didn’t even notice it.

We got some sand stuck on our shoes and found puddles to clean them off a bit.  Andy said he was doing a rain dance.



Walls Are Going Up

Good boating friends, Dave and Betsy, are in the area and made some time to visit us.  We had not seen them in several years so it was a good reunion. After chatting a good bit in the motorhome, we headed to Arlington Ridge for lunch and a look at our new community and house.  Lunch first.

The receptionist in the sales center gave me a key for the village green amenities (theater, pool, library, etc.) and a key for a house just like ours that is finished. We took a quick tour of the village green because a storm was brewing. As we were driving toward our lot, I pointed out a house that is the same model as we went by.  Then, ahead, I saw a house under construction where our slab was yesterday. Andy and I were both stunned at the progress that had been made today. Dave stopped the car in front of our house and I got out of the car to take this photo.  There was just a light spritz of rain.

Dave drove just a bit further down the street to the same house that is up for sale. We must have spent an hour or more touring the house, about three times. This was the first time Andy and I have seen our house finished. It gave me a better sense of the room sizes and where I will place furniture. I really like the house and it made me feel better about our decision to buy in this development.

Dave and Betsy had a four o’clock appointment and dropped us off at the motorhome in time to get there.  I did some paperwork while Andy took a long nap. Then, in the early evening, we drove back over to the house so we could explore after the workers had quit for the day.

It Was Just a Cement Slab Yesterday

For some reason, walking inside reminded me of Pompei.

This view is in the master bedroom looking out what will be sliding glass doors.

These and several other sandhill cranes were making a ruckus on the golf course. They average about ten pounds and stand about four feet tall.  Male and female look alike.  The center one is a juvenile.

Sandhill Cranes



We Enter a New Phase

We returned to Leesburg, Florida today after a two-day drive.  As soon as we got the motorhome set parked and the utilities connected, we drove to Arlington Ridge to see how much house we have.  It was more than I expected. Here is the construction site from the street.

The cement slab has been poured and there are things sticking up out of it all over. It was easy to pick out where any plumbing is going to be.

Here is Andy standing in his office.  Perhaps he was contemplating the weather.



A Day Off in Big Creek

This was our last day in Newport, Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park region.  We took the day off and visited Big Creek.  No, wait, it was a work day too.  We first stopped in Hartford, Tennessee to pick up our mail and to ship two copies of Big Creek, one to  Ranger Tim and one to friend Stacey Kelly.  I think I forgot to sign them before I sealed the envelopes. Next, we drove to the Big Creek Country Store, just outside the Big Creek entrance to the park.

Big Creek Country Store

Kelly was not in the store so the woman at the register called her to ask if she wanted more copies of Big Creek.  Yes, she only had two left and wanted ten more.  She also had an envelope with money for the first ten copies in the office.  Big Creek is displayed prominently at the cash register.

I told Andy I was going back out to the car to get my camera to take a picture of the store for the blog.  The woman said I needed a picture of myself with the book too.  I chose to have that taken inside; it is such a cute little store.

Dinata Holding Book in Big Creek Country Store

We drove up the Big Creek road without encountering any oncoming cars.  The potholes had grown a bit since June. The maintenance department was holding their safety meeting in the group campsite.  When Spence saw me with my camera, he struck a pose.


Robert Spence

The place was full of park maintenance vehicles and then we saw a Ranger truck pull in.  It was Heath.  Spence said Heath smelled the pizza the maintenance people were eating all the way from Gatlinburg.

We visiting the campground hosts Clyde and Deborah.  They were gracious to finish out our month of June in Big Creek while we went to visit grandchildren.  The four of us had a great several hours of swapping campground stories.  Spence stopped in at the end of the day and followed us home.  He helped us load the car onto the tow dolly. I took this picture of him just as the sun was setting behind the trees. He was laughing and joking with Andy.

Spence in the Sunset