HVAC Ducting and Vents

The Misovec children are all in Orlando, dealing with brother Paul’s house and estate.  Michael arrived here at 11:30 last night. Andy fed him waffles for breakfast and he went with us for our morning house inspection and left after lunch.

The house was so quiet today that it was almost eerie. There were only two young men inside with a radio playing softly in the garage. They did not have any power tools or a generator. Here is the house as we drove up this morning.

One man was installing ducts in the ceiling.

The other was opening bags with the ducts in them.

They were squashed into small bags and reminded me of the body on my Jack-in-the-Box when I was a kid.  But, alas, they did not pop out of the bags when he opened them.

It was a lot of fun watching one of them toss the stretched-out ducts across the ceiling joists.  He rarely missed.  When in mid-air, they looked more like the Jack-in-the-Box.

They got busy building what he told me were mixing boxes.  I think of them more like junction boxes. They were several different sizes and had varying numbers of ducts going in and out. First, they referred to a spec sheet for size, number, and placement of the ducts. They assembled the fittings atop the appropriate size box. The boxes were made of some kind of foam and covered with heavy foil. He would press the fittings on the box, which would create an indentation in the foil.

Then he would cut the holes with a knife.

He would pull out the circle

and insert the fittings into the perfectly sized hole and bend the flanges inside.

The house looked like the morning after a party with all the ducts hanging from the ceiling.

A piece of heavy equipment pulled up outside so we went out to see what was happening.  The man told us our water meter was positioned to be under the driveway so they were going to move it.  That meant digging up our water connection from the street to the meter and moving it three or four feet to the side. Here they are measuring before digging out the meter.

When we came back in the afternoon, we could see that the water meter was in a different place, but could not tell otherwise that anything had been disturbed.

The duct men had been busy.  They had installed bathroom vents, a stove vent, and a dryer vent.

This man was positioning the ducts through the rafters.

This one was affixing hanging straps to the boxes.

It still looked like a party to me.

The supervisor spent a good bit of time in awkward positions affixing the main mixer box above the spot where the heat pump will be.

The other one was hanging the ducts from the trusses with strapping.  He put a strap at every other truss.

He also hung the boxes.

This is above the dining room.

It looked as though we had a monster above the family/great room.

This cattle egret was across the golf course.  We did not see any Sandhill Cranes today.




2 thoughts on “HVAC Ducting and Vents

  1. Peter's pondering August 6, 2017 / 10:31 am

    Made me think of the International Space Station with all those ducts and junction boxes.


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