Sunday Soffits

We did not know if there would be any work done on the house on a Sunday but took a drive over there in the morning just to check.  It’s what we do.

Soffit man’s truck was parked next to the house, but I did not see him or that he had done anything. His ladder was leaning against the front of the garage.

We walked inside to see that the drywall crew had cleaned up their mess very well.  There were still drywall screws in every room though. I checked the future sewing room and found Soffit Man sitting in the open window.

This is a view from the front door.  Dining room on the right and family/kitchen in the background.

Andy and I sat on our folding chairs in the back.  I bit later, I went back outside to see what progress had been made. Soffit Man was no longer in the window.  I did notice the whole lineup of utility connections along that side of the house.

Soffit Man was alongside his trailer of tools and materials.  I heard some sawing, very similar to the dentist’s drill.

I walked back around to the front door and noticed that the ceiling had been installed on the front porch. I was surprised that it is aluminum (or plastic).

Next time I went out, he had set out a lot of small sections of material.  He took a handful of them up the ladder and stapled them to the eaves.  He ran out of pieces just when it was time to move the ladder. He covered the whole front of the garage in less than five minutes.  I figured he would have the whole house done in a couple of hours.

Some golfers came by and paused in the shade of the trees waiting for the players in front of them to play through.  One man looked over at us sitting in our folding chairs and called, “It’s a bit early to be moved in, isn’t it?” I told him we are supervising construction.  The next time I went to check on the soffit progress, Soffit Man was sitting on the drywall and joint compound in the garage.  He was concentrating on his phone.

Next time, he spent less than five minutes adding soffit sections to the front porch roof.

I noticed that he had covered the fascia on the garage.  It looked rather nice.

He had two strips of material on the ground in front of the porch, but said he was done for the day, picked them up and put them on his trailer. He said he just wanted to get those two sections done ahead of his crew showing up to finish the job.

We headed back home to the motorhome.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Soffits

  1. Jane Wilmer August 7, 2017 / 10:09 am

    forgot to mention i am getting 2 copies of your daily emails….

    Sent from my iPad



  2. cas olverson August 7, 2017 / 11:30 am

    Y’all remind me of my traveling salesman dad getting home on Friday afternoons. Having mixed a double martini and lit a fresh cigar, he’d plop on the back steps and watch the cats play in the grass, chase bugs etc. If anyone asked what he was doing, he’d say, referencing the cats playing, “…just watching poor man’s TV”. That’s you guys, folding chairs set out, watching another piece of material being added to all the thousands of other parts of your house going up, getting finished 😉


    • Dinata Misovec August 7, 2017 / 9:27 pm

      This show is better than any house shows I’ve seen on t.v.


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