Quiet on the Home Front

We met with Michelle Emerine of Sun Trust to complete our mortgage application this morning. We locked in our interest rate at 3.875 percent. She came to the Arlington Ridge sales office to meet with us. I had been dealing with her by email and telephone. She was just as pleasant in person as I had imagined she would be.  After we were finished signing and dating multiple pages we went to see what was going on at the house.  Nothing.

We went inside to see if anything had changed.  The Mud Slinger had left a bit of trash on the floors, as well as hundreds of dollops of joint compound. We watched some golfers tee off.  I heard a noise and went to the front of the house to see a new dumpster delivered and the overflowing one towed away.  We went back to the motorhome.

I spent the afternoon reconciling bank statements and taking a nap after lunch. Then, about five o’clock, we drove back to see if anything had been done on the house. A storm was brewing.

I noticed a change.  A pile of trash had been moved over and a load of dirt had been spread on the garage side of the house, by the utility connections.

We looked inside and out the back door when we felt a few rain drops and decided to get back to the car before it came down any harder.  I paused to admire my kitchen on the way by.

I really should have walked out faster.  By the time we got to the garage door (or where one will be one day) the downpour started. I had brought my umbrella in with me, but we still got wet getting to the car.

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