More Mud and New Tools

The mud slinger was at it again this morning. I wondered if he had worked all night, or moved in. He just doesn’t stop.  He demonstrated two new tools today. This was a long-handled sander.  He seemed to wander around aimlessly, but I guess he was looking for rough spots. I was happy to see him wearing a respirator today.  He was kicking up a bit of dust.

Our good boating buddy, Ken Wilson stopped in to visit with us this morning.  He was riding his scooter up to the Gainesville area and we are not too far out of the way.  We were not very good hosts, we didn’t offer him anything to eat or drink or a place to sit down. We did give him a tour of the community amenities around the village green.  I’m pretty sure Ken was smiling in this picture.


Ken travels all over the USA and other parts of the world on his scooters.  He often posts photos of “Scoot” in front of interesting places.  This scooter is named “Fred”. So, here are Fred and Ken in front of the Misovec’s house.

The Mud Slinger was working on the family room wall with yet another tool.  This one looked just like one of those dust bins you see them use in fancy restaurants.  It also looks like one of those doggie pooper scoopers for people who don’t want to bend over.  However, he pumped joint compound into it from the bucket.  Then he ran it up

and down the wall. Doesn’t that look like a bunny rabbit on the wall?

I figured out why he has large white spots on both thighs.  That is where the bucket touches him when he carries it.

He reverted to the trowel and pan for the dining room window.  I watched for a moment and realized that the window had a sill in it.

I looked at other windows and, sure enough, someone had been through the house and installed window sills.  Was it The Mud Slinger?  Probably not. It must have been while we went home for dinner.

Andy said I was being silly.

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