Crack Isolation and Sound Reduction Membrane

We were not expecting much action today and did not get to the house until about noon.  There was a truck parked outside and we could hear a noise as we entered the house.  Three masonry workers from the neighboring house were sitting in the shade of our front porch.

The noise turned out to be this fellow who was scraping the floor with a blade on a long handle. He was the only one in the house and he had already scraped most of the floor. Andy had been asking about those random blobs of concrete and joint compound. His worries are over.

The floors had been scraped and there were piles and ridges of dust and crumbs all about the house. I think he must have vacuumed the whole house before we returned later.

We didn’t stay long since it was lunch time.  Then, we returned around 5:30 to see what had been done.  The man was still there. He had covered almost the entire house with those rolls of what I called underlayment in the garage tile pile. He was talking on the phone while we looked around.  I told Andy I thought it was Russian, or at least something close to it.

The writing on the underlayment says, “Crack Isolation and Sound Reduction Membrane”.  It was a wee bit cushy to walk on.

When he got off the phone, I asked the man where he was from.  “Russia.”  I had to slap Andy on the shoulder and say, “I TOLD you he was Russian!”

While the man was on the phone, I walked into Andy’s office where he had not finished.  The floor was so sticky that I nearly lost my sneaker before getting back into the kitchen. The man said it was ok that I walked on it and demonstrated by walking across the stickiness to get back to work. He told us they would start laying tiles tomorrow and the job would probably take around three days.

Here is the house in the rain as we left.

2 thoughts on “Crack Isolation and Sound Reduction Membrane

  1. JR Smullen August 18, 2017 / 9:11 pm

    That “underlayment” is GOOD STUFF! I wish they had used it on our house. We don’t have a lot of cracks in our floors, but if we had that stuff, I don’t think we would have had any. You have a choice… either put that stuff down or have the tile setters wait about 5 years before tiling your floors .



    • Dinata Misovec August 18, 2017 / 9:35 pm

      I think it was an option we paid extra for. It sounded like a good idea.


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