Blue Front Door

A man was spray painting the garage door as we walked up to the house this morning.  But, I forgot to put the picture disc back into the camera.  I don’t know how to get the pictures off the built-in memory.  I can’t find the camera-to-computer cable.

I was surprised that he was painting the door gray to match the house.  I just assumed it was going to stay white.  What do I know?

The front door and shutters were also painted today. The blue is lighter than I expected.  The color was supposed to be “Nantucket Blue”.  I dunno.  They don’t look like Nantucket to me. I like it though.

This is some funny landscaping.  There is supposed to be a gardenia in this spot between the front porch and garage.  They would not have planted it in a pot, so it must be to mark the spot for the plant.

The kitchen sink sprayer had been installed too.  Andy and I both tried it out.

Here is the dishwasher.

At last!  The linen closet in the master bath has gotten a door.

Here is a closer look at the front door. I noticed when the picture got on the computer: the doorbell button has also been installed.

This has been a tough evening.  High school classmates are posting pictures and comments about the reunion last Saturday.  Marathon friends and neighbors are posting comments and pictures of the devastation they are facing from Hurricane Irma. It has been an emotional roller coaster and I am exhausted.


13 thoughts on “Blue Front Door

  1. Mala Burt September 20, 2017 / 6:41 am

    The house is beautiful. I have loved watching the progress.
    You are so blessed to have had no hurricane damage.


    • Dinata Misovec September 20, 2017 / 11:12 pm

      Triple blessed. The hurricane came over our RV lot in the keys, our motorhome, and our new house. Our only loss is the contents of the shed on the RV lot, which contains our patio furniture and grill, among other “stuff”. Nothing at all compared to so many friends and neighbors there.


    • Dinata Misovec September 20, 2017 / 11:08 pm

      If we did, I don’t remember it. There were so many things to choose and decide. I like the gray, so all is well.


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