Joe and Linda Coffey, and then John McDaniels

Big Day today.   Joe and Linda were traveling from Michigan to their Florida home in Port Charlotte.  Last night, they took the auto-train from Lorton, Virginia to Sanford, Florida. Then, this morning, on the last leg of their journey, they stopped in to visit us and check out the new house. We had planned to eat lunch in the restaurant here in the neighborhood, but the automatic fire extinguishing system in the kitchen malfunctioned last night.  The restaurant was closed while they cleaned up the foamy mess.  We toured the Village Green and then drove to our house.

It was fun walking around from room to room talking about features, pros and cons, their house, and houses in general.  So, the tour took a while.  Linda presented me with a small house gift which I am going to use often.  It is a little leaf-shaped tray with two small bird salt and pepper shakers. Salt and pepper do not get much cuter than this.

We went to the Oakwood Smokehouse for a nice lunch with more than we could eat.  Slick Joe snapped up the checks and handed them and his credit card to the waitress before Andy could catch him.  Thanks for lunch Joe and Linda.  Now we’ll meet that first house payment!

Andy and I decided to stop back by the house before heading back to the motorhome.  We had just walked inside when Andy noticed that a pickup truck had pulled up in front of the house. I re-opened the front door and recognized the construction supervisor, John McDaniels.

As he walked up the driveway, John bent down to pick up a few pieces of construction debris.  Then he picked up the box containing the trellis for the jasmine next to the garage wall.  I called out, “What are you going to do with that?” He replied that he was going to throw it into a dumpster. “That’s MINE!”  He stopped in his tracks and, apparently was not making sense of the situation. I explained that I had bought it and the landscapers were going to install it for me.  He decided to put it next to the jasmine where it should be safe.

He said he had come to make a few small repairs and I told him I would take pictures of him working.  He objected, saying that if they knew he could do that stuff, he might end up doing it all the time.  He was a master at adjusting the bi-fold closet doors.

In the master bath:

In Andy’s office:

In the sewing room:

He checked them all.  Then he installed the missing hardware on the pocket door to the guest room.

There was a funny episode Andy missed in the garage.  I led John in there to see the breaker panel box. I had pointed it out to Linda earlier.  I could not get the door to latch and stay closed. She tried it and could not get it to stay closed either.  About a second after closing, it would pop back open again.

John closed the door and it stayed closed.  I opened it and closed it again.  It popped open.  He closed it.  I opened and closed it again. It popped open.  Several more times. John started snickering. I declared, “You are laughing at me!!”  He tried to hold it back, “No, I’m not”.  But, then he could not hold it in any longer.  Open. Close. Open, close, pop. Laugh.  Close.  Open, close, pop. Laugh. I WAS squeezing.  I WAS pushing. Finally, John grabbed the frame of the door and pulled it outward.  I closed it and it stayed closed. Both of us returned the house laughing at our private comedy routine.


2 thoughts on “Joe and Linda Coffey, and then John McDaniels

  1. cas olverson September 30, 2017 / 5:11 pm

    “Who’s on first” with the breaker panel door? jk

    It was a darned good thing you were there when the job super was going to throw away your trellis!!!

    How would you like to have some more darling little bird salt & pepper shakers? If i can find them, I have a collection of them needing to find a new home 😛


    • Dinata Misovec September 30, 2017 / 9:11 pm

      Yes, we were a regular comedy routine. And, my heart would have been broken if my trellis had disappeared. You may recall that we just happened to see the UPS truck in the neighborhood and stopped him to ask if he had a box for us. He told us that if we had not been there to show him the house (no house number on it yet), he would not have delivered it. That’s two close calls with that trellis; I’d better get it up before it really does disappear!

      You kow, a collection of tiny bird salt and peppers might make nice table decor. I’ll take you up on that offer.


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