Some Evidence of Progress

I didn’t kill myself trying to work all day today.  It is the Sabbath, after all.  But, we still got some things done.

It is unbelievable how much stuff we have packed into the motorhome.  This morning, we used a roll of kitchen trash bags to carry things into the house.  We carried and carried and carried some more.  Then we quit.  And we have not gotten it all yet. We drove the motorhome to the neighborhood RV storage lot and parked it in a very narrow spot between two others.  I had to try several times before we got it in well enough.

Our other task for the day was to put down the dining room rug so I would stop stumbling over it. I dragged the dining room chairs, the living room chair, and several empty cardboard boxes out-of-the-way and Andy helped me carry the table out.  We unrolled the rug, which is not the same as cutting a rug, and aligned it with the floor tiles. Then we set the table back in place and I put the chairs back in. If you ignore the pictures on the floor, the cleaning supplies on the cart, and the thrift-shop bound cardboard box, the room is beginning to look put together.

Here it is from the foyer. This is the first room with any semblance of orderliness and it is a psychological boost for me. We don’t have a light fixture in yet.

I have been working with Andy to get his library off the floor and on the shelves. I enter the title and author in a spreadsheet and he is putting them on the shelves in alphabetical order. We might be a third of the way through this project.

I usually make the bed very soon after getting up in the morning.  Andy distracted me this morning and I didn’t make it.  That is a sure sign that we’ll have company. I did finish the second half of my bed decoration though. That made me happy!  It is white tulle with gold stars.  The corners are plastic gold things people put around the base of a large candle. They fit neatly over the bedposts and hold the fabric in place. It will be a garland for Christmas.

I was puttering around, carrying things from one room to another when the doorbell rang.  I had to move the living room chair out-of-the-way to open the door.  It was Ted/Fred and Dee Kermode along with their friends and our new neighbors, Brian and Nancy Howard!   Both ex-boating couples have just returned from an RV trip to Alaska.  We had not met the Howards yet but knew they would be here soon. They came in a took a tour of the mess and my unmade bed.  I guess it was not too noticeable with the rest of the chaos.

Here is the status of our bedroom after we carried clothes and other things in from the motorhome.

It sure looks a lot like a college dorm room to me.  

I had a plan for two chairs and a coffee table in the bedroom next to the sliding glass doors.  I put the furniture somewhat in place and told Andy he could sit there to watch the golfers tee off when it gets too cold to sit outside. He loved the idea and said it would be a perfect reading spot too.  Then he suggested a small bookcase in the corner for our pleasure reading.

It will get better one of these days.


6 thoughts on “Some Evidence of Progress

    • Dinata Misovec November 1, 2017 / 10:33 pm

      I guess if I stand back and think about it, we really have done a lot in the time since the closing. It just feels like a bigger mess when we are living in it. If I look back, I can see more progress!

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  1. thejuicenut October 30, 2017 / 12:48 pm

    Looks like a lot of progress to me 😊 Love the new rug.


  2. Jim Duncan October 30, 2017 / 1:08 pm


    Dianne and I have started using a smartphone app called “Book Catalogue” to tackle our mountain of books and assorted similar artifacts.

    Besides the obvious sharing potential, download to spreadsheets, etc., the biggest thing is it’s FAST: you scan the ISBN and the app looks up the book in various online databases and pre-fills most of the fields! If something doesn’t scan, just skip it and do it later by hand. Those boxes of books will be emptied much, much faster.

    The second aspect I think will become more important later: “bookshelves”, which can be physical or virtual: You record where you shelved that particular book so you can find it again later, or you record the fact that you loaned it to so-and-so or gave it to one of the Most Excellent Grandchildren to keep.

    Hope this helps! You’re one of the few couples that might have a more prodigious library than we do. 😉



    • Dinata Misovec November 1, 2017 / 10:31 pm

      Sounds interesting, but we probably don’t need it. All I enter is author and title. I do that much faster than Andy can file the book on the shelf.


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