May 17, 2019 – Walk Around New Section of our Development

We have been watching tractors pushing dirt around across the golf course for months now. It is almost ready to start building houses. Now the roads are paved so Andy agreed to take our morning walk down our street and turn into the new section, then cross the golf course back to our house. It was a new perspective. The house on the far left in ours.

Two Sandhill Cranes were also out walking early in the morning.

Sandhill Crane

This is the view the new neighbors across the way will have of our house. Almost.

The golf course pond was full of birds.

Reddish Heron

The multi-colored Ibis are juveniles. They turn all white with black under the wings when they mature.

A good-sized flock was foraging on the golf course. I wonder if they injest pesticides there. I’ve read that the Sandhill Cranes are commonly seen on golf courses in Florida.

That walk turned out to be one mile.

A little bulldozer came and started pushing dirt around on the lot next to us! One of the men told me they were clearing up all the vegetation (weeds and grass) today.

Our view is going to change with a house very close to us.

A house next door and a whole row of them across the golf course. The neighborhood will be different when we get back from our summer road trip.

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