August 19, 2019 – Bend, Oregon to Prospect, Oregon

We left the expensive RV park in Bend at 1031. Andy, who always makes himself a waffle for breakfast, has suddenly begun to stop for breakfast shortly after getting on the road. When I asked what was going on with his breakfast routine, he said it is too hard to cook in this RV. He’s right. I told him before we started this road trip that I was not going to prepare fancy meals like last year (it was too hard for me too). But I am not a breakfast fan so don’t care to stop for breakfast.

We had no sooner left the RV park when Andy started looking for a breakfast place. I pulled off the highway at Sun River and found Wild Wood Coffee House in a tight little shopping center. I was just going to have coffee for breakfast when I saw a veggie egg muffin on the menu. WOW! That was the best breakfast sandwich I ever had. I think they must have assembled it in a can. From the bottom up: English muffin bottom, Cheddar cheese, a thick layer of arugula (how else would they have been able to get that much arugula on a muffin without a can), a thick fried egg (surely cooked in a ring), and a thick tomato slice. I’ll tell you right now, egg and arugula is a special combination.

The scenery from Bend to Prospect, Oregon is all trees. Both sides of the highway. Uphill and down. If it was not so beautiful, it would be boring. Crater Lake RV Park is actually thirty-five miles from Crater Lake National Park. We passed the north entrance to the park and the south entrance. We traveled 132 miles today.

Scamp in Crater Lake RV Park, Prospect, Oregon
Campsite in Crater Lake RV Park

We were no sooner in our campsite than we headed back out to explore. The local cuisine, that is.

Prospect Cafe in Prospect, Oregon
Andy and Burger in Prospect Cafe

Another man in the restaurant who had also ordered a hamburger stopped by our table. He commended Andy on how much he was eating and said, “That hamburger was so big, I couldn’t jump over it”. Andy did not attempt to pick it up; he ate it with a knife and fork.

We drove a mile or so down the highway to a bridge over the Rogue River. The gorge was stunning and deeper than it appears in my photos. The waterfall was higher and steeper than it appears here also. Note the platform on the right side of the picture. That is a deck behind someone’s house.

Waterfall on Rogue River

The downstream side of the bridge also seemed deeper than it appears here. Note the two people standing on the rock on the right side.

People Standing on Rock Over Rogue River

We went a bit farther down the road for a “MUST SEE” overlook of Mill Creek Falls and Barr Creek Falls. Unfortunately, the trail was too steep for Andy’s knees and sense of balance, so we turned back before getting to the overlook.

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