August 23, 2019 – Moonstone Beach and the Lighthouse Grill

Grand-dog Cooper had a great day. A top-notch dog day. He got to ride in the back of the pickup truck (safely anchored down with a short rope (too short to hang himself over the side of the truck bed)). We took him for a walk/run on Moonstone Beach.

Moonstone Beach

Christopher kept him on a leash most of the time when there were other dogs on the beach. He is very obedient except where other dogs are concerned. Then he does not hear commands to come.

A row of houses is nicely perched on the hillside.

We walked along Little River while other dogs were present at the far end of the beach.

I got a kick out of this tuft of sea oats growing on a large rock.

Christopher and Cooper walked up the slope of an even larger rock.

I zoomed in for a better picture.

There are regularly climbers on the face of this big boulder.

There are even bigger rocks in the surf.

After our beach walk, we drove into Trinidad and the Lighthouse Grill. I MUST go there at least once on each visit. It’s the Nut Burger. I dream about the nut burger when we are not here.

I forgot to take a picture of my nut burger, so I Googled images. And what do you know? The picture I posted last year popped up. So, I am using it again. All the while I am eating one, I try to determine the ingredients. I’m stumped. Nuts and seeds and…I can’t identify the flavor.

Andy and Christopher got the Mashed Potato Cones. I’ve never tried one because I MUST have another nut burger. The Deluxe cone comprises mashed potatoes, cheese, bacon, gravy, and brisket. Christopher loves them; Andy thought the brisket was too spicy.

Cooper waited patiently outside in the truck. Christopher took him some tidbits twice.

Our next stop was the waterfront walkway in downtown Eureka. We got ice cream before the walk for sustenance.

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