September 8, 2019 – Provo, Utah

I needed a day of rest after the long drive, so we spent another night in Provo on Utah Lake. It is a very nice state park/marina with mountain views all around.

Here is Scamp in our campsite. Each site has a little pavilion over the picnic table. Our site overlooks a marsh, the Utah Lake, and beyond the lake, more mountains.

We took a walk around the park in the afternoon. I think these are black-eyed Susans, which is the Maryland state flower. They are everywhere in Utah too.

The wind kicked up just as we started our walk and some good-sized waves were crashing against the jetty.

It is the biggest jetty I have ever seen, and, with several other jetties forms a huge harbor.

Not as large, Utah Lake is just south of the Great Salt Lake. From Salt Lake City south to Provo is one big city/sprawl. The jetty is wide enough for a two-lane road and broad shoulders for parking and picnicking at the water’s edge.

And, looking back to shore are the mountains.

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