September 17, 2019 – Pie Town, New Mexico – Rocks and Pottery Shards

Roy announced, in the morning, that he should get the rest of the mud from between the double back wheels. He had planned to take the wheels off Scamp but then decided he could do it with the wheels on the van if I moved it a foot or two at a time. I did not take any pictures! Neither did I mention yesterday that, when Roy finished, he was soaked and covered with mud.

There is a huge pile of boulders next to Roy and Susan’s driveway. After he finished washing the mud off, he took me for a ride in the Gator to explore the rocks.

Roy had a path through the trees so we did a little sightseeing before we got to the boulder pile. He called this his table rock. It does look like a pedestal table.

And, with Roy serving as my scale model, you can see that it could be used as a table quite well.

The boulder pile is ten or twenty times bigger than I expected at the house. Roy had built a ramp with rocks and dirt to drive partway up. Here is my first view from the top. There are many holes in the rocks with water in them.

We walked on a little farther and I saw the house below us. I wanted to stand on the rock I could see from the house, so we continued on.

Roy and Susan have 175 acres of land, so many of those trees in the distance belong to them. I waved to Andy, who was sitting on the front porch, but he did not show up in the pictures. Those are the Sawtooth Mountains in the background.

The rocks did not look so high from the driveway. I was giddy with excitement from climbing up and seeing the view.

This view is more to the northwest.

This is a bit farther to the northwest.

Roy paused to wait for me as we returned to the Gator, and I took the opportunity to take his picture. King of the boulder hill.

Roy drove down his small road and past his workshop before returning up the driveway to the house. Then he veered off between the trees. He said there were pottery shards in that area as he picked one up and handing it to me. Then another. And another. It seems they are everywhere, but I did not find a single one.

Roy looked under this pile of boulders and said it had a packrat nest in it. The rat had stolen a sock from somewhere.

I found a plastic box to store my pottery shard collection. Here are the best ones. This one is clearly the neck and rim of a pot or jar.

This angle shows the curve better.

I was even more thrilled with these two pieces. The marks are characteristic Anasazi.

Here is my scale model finger, for size.

Roy also found these coiled clay-snake pieces. They are also Anasazi.

I am thrilled with my new treasures and wonder whether I can qualify as an archeologist now, even though Roy found them all. I was on the expedition after all.

I can’t remember when I’ve seen Andy so relaxed. The peace, quiet, and inactivity are doing him good.

I told Roy and Susan they look like the “old folks at home” in their log porch furniture.

6 thoughts on “September 17, 2019 – Pie Town, New Mexico – Rocks and Pottery Shards

  1. Deborah Whitaker September 21, 2019 / 10:01 pm

    Wow what a grand day you must of had, so awesome finding pieces of pottery! Andy’s hair cut looks great!


  2. Peter's pondering September 22, 2019 / 9:11 am

    Do I see mains electricity cables in one of the pictures? I imagined they may not have such luxuries out there!


    • Dinata Misovec September 24, 2019 / 4:49 pm

      Yes, they apparently paid a small fortune to have the lines run to their house from the main (ha ha) road.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane Wilmer September 22, 2019 / 12:01 pm

    wonderful couple!

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