Painted Patio

I love to see these big trucks in action.  It doesn’t happen very often though.  This is the first time I’ve seen them unloading drywall.

The painter, who had said he would do the job on Monday, finally painted the patio on Thursday. I suppose he was busy at other houses. We did not go out there for fear it might not be dry.

That was the only change we saw today. There is just not that much more to be done.

I noticed this frog on the way out the driveway to the car.  The picture is not in focus.  The frog is gone, but its imprint is still there. It reminds me of the hollows made in the ash from Mount Vesuvius in Pompei.




My alarm clock this morning was a chainsaw right outside my bedroom window.  I didn’t have to look out to know what they were doing. It was the tree fallen between our two RVs during Topical Storm Irma.

One man was wielding the chainsaw and the other two were feeding it into the chipper. I was so surprised how little sawdust was on the ground when they were done. It was not even a pile.