2020 10 12 – Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens

We’ve had enough self-isolation.  This morning Andy said we should go for a walk somewhere in the afternoon. I had a spot in mind already.  I had read about Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens online and was anxious to see it for myself.

It’s an old limestone quarry turned into a garden.

This large shrub is next to the ticket office.

This was our first view as we walked to the rim.

This is the rim trail. The sides of the quarry were straight down.

We were above a waterfall at this point.  There are four or five of them, man-made.

The Japanese garden was near the house. My scale-model Andy posed by the gate for me.

Of course, there are huge koi (or carp) in the ponds. We then began our descent into the quarry.

When you get down below ground level, there are many plants overhanging the trail.

Here, in the foreground, you can see the water bubbling up at the top of a waterfall.

The resident swans were nestled down on a small island with palm trees.

We followed the recommended trail arrows across bridges and islands.

Here is a dragonfly on a waterlily bud.


The pavilion has picnic tables in it.

We walked to the gazebo from there.

This lovely blossom was on a shrub full of them growing up against the gazebo.

I called this a teahouse above a waterfall, but the map refers to it as Lookout Point.

By the time we finished the sunken gardens, we decided not to check out the orchard or the woods. We’ll have to go back someday to see the rest. This was an interesting and unique walk. Too bad we did not have our best exploration buddies, Martin and Betsy with us. They took us to a quarry in Cape Anne a few years ago and would enjoy this different take on what to do with an old quarry. The web site, https://cedarlakeswoodsandgarden.com/, has some more information and history, like who would make something like this.