August 11, 2018 – Arcata Farmer’s Market

In Defense of Dandelions:

The backyard, the dog’s domain has little clusters of dandelions scattered on over it

She was keeping an eye on this bee as it moved from flower to flower.

I sat in the grass and took a picture of the red maple tree with dandelions around it.

There are only a few outside our bedroom window.  This is our view.

Today was all about food.  First, we went to the farmer’s market on the square in Arcata.  Like farmer’s markets everywhere, this one is a weekly “event”.  A bluegrass band was playing music in the center of the square and the farmer’s trucks were all backed up to the sidewalks all the way around.  Here is Cordelia heading in to browse.

People were lounging on the grass listening to music.

I’m not sure what this one was doing but guess it has something to do with reading a telephone screen in the bright sunshine.

We all looked longingly and the massage-in-the-park scene.  That was a big guy; I bet he could loosen any tight muscle.

I didn’t take a picture of every booth.  Too much redundancy.

These were not part of the farmer’s wares, just growing in the park.

Boys are always going to be boys.  There are seven of them in this tree.

I like this photo because it captures the statue between the palm trees. We had walked three-quarters of the way around the square.

Andy was in dire need of a crepe so we walked a block or so away to Renata’s Creperie.

Christopher’s firefighter-friend Joe met us there and told us about the wildfires and showed us lots of pictures on this cell phone.

Andy’s Cappuccino
My Berry Crepe
Bacon, Tomato, and Avocado Crept
Flipping Crepes and Renata’s Creperie
Mirror in Ladies Room
Artworks on the Wall


I was sticking my nose in all the jasmine as we walked back down the street.



This care looks as though it should have been in Key West.  I must weight a ton with all those glass pebbles glued to it.

Notice the sea theme on the dashboard.

Andy and I ate dessert first at Renata’s.  Then we drove to Trinidad and the Lighthouse Grill so I could get another nut burger before we leave town.  Andy got a hamburger and Christopher only had a drink.

We took a look at the Pacific Ocean and talked about Papa/Grandpa Moulton as some of his ashes were scattered here. I think he is in all the world’s oceans now, just as he was during his Navy career.