November 10, 2015 – Bahia Honda State Park

Today was our first visit (this season) to Bahia Honda for a walk on the beach.  We picked a hot day to do it.  South Florida is having a heat wave and the temperature was 89 degrees with hardly any air movement. It was also close to high tide and the beach was narrow.

As usual, my first stop was the ladies’ room. I found Andy waiting for me looking at the ocean from the shade.

b Andy Looking at Beach

We walked up the beach until we came to the spot where some dead trees are blocking the dry beach and we would have to take our shoes off and walk in the water to get by.

b Beach Bahia Honda

There were dozens of small shore birds picking dinner out of the grass washed up on the beach. They scurried along in front of us, trying not to let us get too close, but still stopping periodically to pick up some tidbit. If we got too close, they would take off flying just a few yards down the beach behind us.

b Birds in Beach Grass

When we got to the downed trees, we turned around and walked to the west. It was blazing hot in the mid-afternoon sun and I was sweating off my sun block.

This small piece of coral was lying on the beach.  It is only two or three inches across.  I squatted down to get close up.

b Coral on Sand

The western end of the beach has a lot of rocks, but most of them were drowned by the high tide. There were different, larger birds there.  They stood on the rocks a few feet into the water and were not too concerned with us. The sun was just right on the birds and the rocks. It was the prettiest I’ve ever seen those ugly rocks.

b Long Beak

b Short Beak

I must have walked right by this on the way west, but noticed it when we headed back to the car. Someone stuck it into the sand for a nice effect.

b Stuck in Sand

I think I will wait for cooler weather before walking the beach again.