December 29, 2015 – Coral Gables and Key Biscayne

Andy and I got to George and Jennifer’s room at 7 am so we could watch the boys while they went to the gym.  Here is Andy reading to the boys.

b01 Andy Reading to Cam and Owen
Andy Reading to Cam and Owen

While George and Jennifer were getting ready to go to the beach at Bill Baggs State Park on Key Biscayne, we took the boys and their remote control trucks down to the rotunda. This picture should have been a video.  Cam was trying to pick up this truck, but was holding the switch on the controller and couldn’t catch it.

b02 Cam Chasing His Car
Cam Chasing His Truck

Andy was reading the newspaper while the boys played.  Owen was using the black tiles as roads for this car.

b03 Andy and Owen with Car
Andy Reading and Owen Driving His Truck

Cam could make his car go forward and backward, but didn’t get the hang of steering it.  He gave up the controller and got down on his knees to push the car in the old fashion way.

b04 Cam Pushing Car on Tile Road
Cam Pushing Truck on Tile Road

Owen, who is four and two years older than Cam learned to drive his truck very well.  After he got the hang of it, he was having a lot more fun.

b05 Owen Driving Car
Owen Driving Remote Control Truck

We spent several hours on the beach at Key Biscayne, along with thousands of other beach goers. I spent most of the time in the sand and water and did not take any pictures until we were packing up to leave. Jennifer stopped to pose for a picture for me with Cam.

b06 Jennifer and Cam on Beach
Jennifer and Cam on Beach