Crab Cakes, Hummingbirds, Dogs, and Chickens

It was a pleasant day for me.  I am improving a good bit this week. I’m not kidding; I judge my progress on how many trips to the toilet I take, before lunch, and for the whole day.  Today I was trying to remember yesterday’s and the day before tally.  Then I had to laugh at myself for wishing I had kept a poop diary.  I do need to get out more.

Daughter Kathy brought Andy’s brother Paul to visit.  Paul’s health is poor, so we kept our distance from each other. As soon as we arrived, we drove two cars to Stoney’s Seafood House in Broome’s Island for crab cakes. I was celebrating having the confidence to drive that far from home.  It was a beautiful day to be at the water’s edge.

The last time we went to Stoney’s, all were disappointed in the crab cakes.  We were all pleased today.  This is my Baby Cake, more than enough to eat.

b Stoney's Baby Cake
Stoney’s Baby Cake

Here is Paul.

b Paul at Stoney's
Paul at Stoney’s

Kathy sat with her back to the view.

b Kathy at Stoney's
Kathy at Stoney’s

After eating, we went back to sister Barbara’s house and sat on the back deck. The dogs were most anxious for attention.  Oscar has a habit of jumping on a lap with no warning. Sometimes you get dog snout in your face if you are not prepared for his leap.

b Paul and Andy with Oscar
Andy with a Lap Full of Oscar

Not to be left out, Bella tried to climb onto brother-in-law Tom’s lap.

b Tom Getting a Kiss from Bella
Tom Getting a Kiss from Bella

This is Tom without a dog in his face.

b Tom

I have never tried to take pictures of hummingbirds before, thinking my camera is not fast enough. I got a few that were mostly in focus. Although that last one is rather strange.

b Hummingbird 1

b Hummingbird 2

b Hummingbird 3

b Hummingbird at Feeder

The deck has several pots of petunias and the hummingbirds visit them as much as the feeder.

b Petunias

Here is most of Barbara’s flock of chickens.  One small one has been sitting on the nest for days.

b Flock of Chickens

This new brown one has the most interesting feather patterns on her neck.

b New Chicken in Flock

This is not the best picture; she wouldn’t hold still for me.  I’ll try again later.

b Chicken Neck