Doggie Day Care

Bill and Mary, from Maine, camped down on the ocean front, needed dog sitters for today. We said we would be happy to do it.  It is a pretty easy job.  The two old poodles are quiet and mellow.  What makes it interesting is that Max is blind.  And, he needed his insulin shot.  I visited their trailer a few days ago to administer the insulin under Mary’s supervision, so I was prepared. We walked to their trailer after breakfast and got the dogs out of their crate.  We put the leashes on and I carried Max out of the trailer.  He hasn’t mastered the steps yet. I ended up carrying him all the way to our motorhome.

Max had never been here before.  The first thing he did when I took off his leash was to fall down the steps.  I set a few things there to keep that from happening again.  He may be old (16), but after exploring for a while, he was able to wander around without bumping into anything. I forgot the female’s name.  Andy decided she wanted to play and tied some socks into knots for toys.  We chased her around the motorhome trying to steal the socks and she had a grand time running from us and teasing us by coming almost close enough for us to grab a sock and then running away. Max napped in the dog bed. It was fascinating to watch her take the socks and put them in the bed with Max.  She also spent a lot of time licking him, as though for comfort. Loving little doggie caresses.

We took them outside for a few hours mid-day. I gave them each a Pupperoni dog treat when we ate lunch. Then, it was back inside for naps. We took them home about six o’clock and I gave Max his insulin shot and served their dinner.  He is good about getting the shot because he knows that means he’s getting fed. Mary makes their food: scrambled ground beef with some grains and vegetables. It looked good enough for Andy and I to join them.  We didn’t.

I love dogs and really enjoyed snuggling with them. It was a fun day for me.